Grace Stories 2

by admin

We have had several storms in our town recently with large hail. The first storm didn’t really affect us as far as we knew, but when the second one hit, we saw signs going up all over town for “new roofs.” A salesperson came by asking if we wanted them to do an estimate, but my husband, who was convinced we were fine, said “No.” Later, I was feeling like it wouldn’t hurt to have them come and take a look, so I called the company. Sure enough, the estimate was $36,000 worth of damage. Our insurance would cover the roof, but not the gutters, which were in bad shape. The roofing company went to bat for us and got the gutters covered. So not only did the Holy Spirit impress upon me to have the estimate done, but we also had favor in getting it all covered. So thankful!

The second story is regarding our taxes… We have been paying high federal and state taxes for years. Through a friend, we found out that we shouldn’t have had to pay that amount. So, I talked to our accountant and sure enough, my friend was right. This year we will actually get $700.00 back. Praise God!