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My friend Carla’s son was recently diagnosed with cancer. She called upset! I told her she needed to go back to ADVENTURES IN GRACE, Number 1, and start filling herself up with your teachings on “Life with the Guys! I told her that crying about it was not going to get the outcome she needed. Thankfully she did exactly that. It changed her prayers and the report came yesterday!

NEGATIVE! OH, what a wonderful Father, Our Jesus, and Holy Spirit, trio of PURE LOVE your teachings have shown us is available. And thankfully you are sharing this wonderful NEWS. Thank you so very much.

I had been struggling with my health for the past year after getting the flu. I was diligent about getting into the healing scriptures but wasn’t having the success I needed to see. I started listening every night to Jim Hockaday on YouTube and after about 4-5 nights everything lifted, and I feel like a new person. Really refreshed. Since I’m almost 70 that feels good! Praise you Jesus and thank you Jim and Erin for your faithfulness. Stay bold!

I am cancer FREE! Our God is still in the business of healing and performing miracles 🙏

Facebook friends – I want to thank all of you for the continued prayers and acts of kindness shown to me and my family throughout this entire fight! There were so many days that seemed hopeless! THANK YOU ALL for showing love and support to us. I want to take a minute to share some of my story. It is my hope that it will find it’s way to someone who is struggling, just like I was… and that it will renew their faith and restore their hope.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at the age of 36… It was so aggressive it metastasized to my bones, while on chemotherapy. I had already undergone a bilateral mastectomy and multiple other surgeries and still, cancer was spreading throughout my body. I seemed to be on a train that was speeding faster and faster out of control, and I felt that my death was imminent.

As a last-ditch effort to find any hope, we traveled to the top cancer hospital in the country, MD Anderson. My dad and I sat in the room, both hoping to hear of some new treatment or study that I might qualify for. We couldn’t have been more wrong. There was nothing they could do. There was no need to stay for any tests or treatments, we were wasting our time. I’ll never forget how fast and easy they said that and how loud the door shut behind them, slapping us in the face with the undeniable reality…I was dying.

I came home and got sicker. I had more and more complications. I have been on chemotherapy and a diet of mixed medications for over a year now. I lost my hair, I lost my body, I lost my independence, I lost every ounce of self-esteem I ever had… And I lost all hope. My cancer continued to spread and now, it was in my lymph nodes and lymphatic system.

A friend of mine asked if she could give a preacher (Jim Hockaday) my number so he could call and pray with me. On Feb 14th, I received a call from him. He asked if I was saved, and I said yes. He asked if I thought God would heal me… and I answered honestly, I didn’t know. I had no reason to believe that God would heal me, I had witnessed death and sickness (specifically cancer) my entire life, spending all my life in medicine, going to school for years to become a nurse practitioner, I understood my illness probably better than most, and I knew what my odds were… death. He began to witness to me of miracles he had seen and preach to me in a way that made sense. If God in fact lived within me, sickness could not. God is absolute, he is life, therefore sickness could not take over my body if I was filled with Christ. Did I ever go to God for healing? Well, no. I went to doctors, I turned to every other possible treatment out there more time. I just wanted time to raise my son before he took me. I wasn’t ready yet.

I started to open my heart and my mind as this preacher spoke to me, I closed my eyes and really listened. He was speaking, mid-sentence actually, when he stopped and said, “right there, right then, God just healed you, did you feel it?” Well, yes. Something happened the exact moment he said that I couldn’t deny it. I felt a jolt of warmth that filled my body, it dropped me to my knees. My left arm was tingling all the way down into my fingers (where my positive lymph nodes were) My dog (who never barks) barked the exact moment he said that God had just healed me. There were too many things that happened at that split second to have been a coincidence. I felt something inside of me that I can’t explain but at that moment I KNEW, WITHOUT A DOUBT, GOD HAD JUST HEALED ME. I stayed on my knees, for the first time in my life really praising God. The song “I surrender all” came to my mind and I found it online and listened to it over and over as I wept with my hands in the air. My life changed that night, I haven’t been the same since. I told a handful of people that I believed God had healed me, and my upcoming scan would be clear. I don’t think anyone believed me; they had no reason to.

The following week I had my follow-up PET scan and for the first time I wasn’t nervous or scared! Then the doctor’s office finally called me and said my PET scan “looked great”. I cried, looked at my dad and said, “I told you, God healed me”. I went and spoke to my doctors in person and read the official report and “my cancer” that had literally eaten my body alive IS GONE. There is no other explanation other than God healed me, and YES, I’m going to return to work as soon as I’m able. THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS, THEY WORKED!!!!!! 🙏

I have recently declared that because Jesus lives in me, and I am a new creation in Him, nothing that belongs to me is going to be stolen, killed or destroyed – not my new creation life, nor money, nor time, nor my dreams, destiny and future, nor any answers to my prayers, because that’s the “thief” taking my inheritance. I don’t have to put up with anything less than Jesus’s abundant life!

Well! Something amazing just happened! By way of background, I have banking arrangements whereby certain deductions are taken directly from my account every two weeks. When I received my most recent water bill I saw that I had a credit, so I phoned the water company to see if they could reduce the monthly deduction. But they suggested the best solution was to refund the $400 to my bank account! This is my money returned to me! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

I attend Living Faith Family Church in Torrington Ct. I came
up and you prayed for the healing of a bladder condition that spanned
about 10 years. About 3 days later my healing manifested. Glory to God
and thank you!   Tony S.

I had pain in the left shoulder and lower back and when Jim prayed for me all the pain was gone!!

I’ll share a miracle early in life. When I was fourteen, I had to have my teeth pulled for braces, two on the upper and two on the bottom. They would pull the top first then in two weeks pull the two on the bottom. When I came home from the dentist the first time, I went straight to bed to sleep off the pain. I woke up at around 2:30 am & noticed it was then because of the red digital clock. My gums were pounding with pain, and I got up to turn the lights on, go get some pain pills but heard the voice of the Lord instead say to go read some Psalms that praise Him and He would heal me. So, I just obeyed Him instead of getting the pills. A few minutes later, I noticed all the pain had left me! When I looked at the clock it was 15 minutes later.  I never told anyone back then.

While struggling with lingering symptoms in my body, I have encountered truths of why that was happening. First of all, I was allowing the devil to convince me that it was going to be difficult to get rid of the symptoms. You’ve spoken often about our “connection” to God being our Source of Life flowing into our body. I was acknowledging that, while I was also acknowledging my “connection” to lying symptoms. As James teaches – when I “waver” I get nothing from God even though He has already given me everything He has! Granted, daily headaches and dizziness is not fun to deal with, but I had to get to the end of the “stupid” process of fluctuating daily from the Truth of God and the lies of the devil! Also – in one of your messages you tell about a man that came up for ministry and began to tell you that he believed that Jesus was his Healer.  You finally got him to admit that he didn’t believe anything that he just “confessed”. Then he was able to receive the power of God and walked away healed! I’m admitting the same thing now …. I experienced the “feeling” of the symptoms, so I wasn’t allowing my spirit man to rise up and stop the deception. This message today is to tell you that I will not continue in the bondage of letting the symptoms continue! Jesus deserves my gratitude and praise for Who He is and for what He has done! I will walk in the truth of Matthew 11:27-30!!!

April 2023

When I was 27, doctors gave me a diagnosis of diabetes.  I have been taking insulin
shots ever since then.  About four months ago now, Jim prayed for me
and pronounced “even the thought of diabetes would be far from me”.
Since then, the need to purchase insulin has gone from every 2 1/2
weeks down to every two months!  I fully expect that will decrease to
zero.  I might add that my wife and I have broken the curse of the
generation’s for diabetes for my family, over my children and
grandchildren.  It will NOT be passed on to any of them!  Praise God

Jesus Only Testimonies

In early March this year I went camping with a friend. I was hours from home deep in the TN Smokies with plans for some rigorous hiking on the AT when I realized, “Oh, no! I left my blood pressure meds at home! ”. I had taken BP medicine for 29 years.  There was no CVS around the corner so my options were to turn around and go home or trust Jesus. I chose Jesus! He spoke to my heart, increased my trust in his promise and was with me. The next day I did a strenuous 9 mile hike with 3000 feet of elevation change at 6200 feet… and felt great! No worry, no strain- just His presence in me.  Praise God I have not taken any blood pressure medicine since then and I’m thankful for his healing every day! it wasn’t complicated… His yoke is easy and His burden is light…He is who he says he is!

– Noel Fields

In the Fall of 2021 I had a run in with some really bad poison Ivy that was spreading at a very rapid rate. Being in the landscaping business I encounter poison Ivy every once in awhile but this was getting pretty bad. It started on my right and spread all the way from my wrist to arm pit, and then it made its way to all the rest of my body. In the past I would have gotten a steroid shot, some pill to stop the itching, etc… but I had enough of all that. It wasn’t that the pills and ointments were bad but none of that ever helped me trust God more, none of that stuff ever helped me believe that He could heal me from this awful skin rash. So I told my Jesus, my wife, and friends that I’m not budging and I’m trusting Jesus. That night after my friends wedding I had a dream that changed everything. In the dream I was back at the wedding I was just at that evening with my friend Paul (who is also my pastor). My sleeves were rolled up because it was hot and all that horrid poison ivy was on my arms. In the dream, Paul walked up to me, grabbed my arm, looked at the poison ivy and said to me,” Ahh this crap again, huh?” I then told him “yep,” and after I said that, Paul slapped my arm in the dream and I immediately woke up in the flesh in my bed. It seemed so real in that dream that my heart was beating fast and I even felt like I could feel the slap on my arm in the natural. I then got my flash light on my phone, shined the light on my arm and there was no poison ivy on my arm or anywhere on my body! I was completely healed from head to toe and not a trace of poison ivy that was covering my body before I laid in bed.

– Spencer Sox

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010 at age 18. After a few years of treatment, my seizures were well controlled, but would return if I stopped taking my medicine. In 2019 I had brain surgery to repair the problems it had caused with my memory, but was told I would have to remain on medication as it would not stop my seizures. But in 2021, I started hearing the Lord tell me I would be healed. It was hard to come off my medicine because in the past it would have resulted in a seizure with a week. But the Lord gave me the faith and I started to really believe healing scriptures (like Isaiah 53:5) as truth. About a year ago I went off my medication after a particularly impactful worship night and have never had another seizure!

– Alexis Sawtelle

I, since I was little, have always had bad eyesight. I wore glasses all through elementary, middle, high school and even college. I played football as well, and even looking over to the sidelines to see signals proved a tough task. I was born again in January of 2020 and in March of the same year, I had an encounter with the baptism of the Holy Spirit that would forever change my life. During that time, I had the personal revelation that Jesus Christ paid for my healing as it says in 1 Peter 2:24, “… by who’s stripes you WERE healed.” I believed that that is currently and has always been true, even if, from the moment I was born over again I had eyesight issues. In the moment that I read and believed, I decided to never wear glasses again because regardless of what “seemed” true, the only truth is the Word of God and that I was healed when He took the beating I deserved long before I was born. Fast forward two years later, having not thought about it since then, because I just believed and didn’t make a huge ordeal about it, I had to get a new driver’s license, which required me to take an eye exam. I just believed God was faithful and true, and took the eye test and passed with perfection! Now I have no vision restrictions on my license anymore and the truth I believed was manifested without my knowledge because of FAITH. What God says is true, regardless of what seems apparent or what anyone else says. The reality of the born again man/woman is the Word of God, Jesus, and He is utterly perfect in every way. GOD Himself makes us LIKE HIM! 2 Corinthians 3:18.

God fixes us, nothing nor anyone else. I love you all and I bless you in the name of Jesus!

– Donovan Wirt

April 2023

Last week I was experiencing some pain while walking, so
much so that it made me limp.  I took off the sock and, lo and behold
one of my toes was the color purple.  I had obviously stubbed it and
broken it (although I don’t remember doing so).  We had a JH meeting
that we were to attend that night and I put my shoe on (with pain) and
walked with the limp.  The meeting went on as usual (it was wonderful,
by the way).  Nobody prayed for me, but I noticed that after the
meeting walking down the aisle to the parking lot, that I was no
longer walking with a limp.  I got home and took the sock off again,
and sure enough, the toe was still purple, but there was no pain.  I
tried it out and bent it the way it would cause pain and jumped up and
down trying it and there was no pain!  Two days later, the color had
returned completely to normal!  Only God could have done that!  Praise
the Lord!

Grace Stories

I’ve been watching the majority of your “Adventures in Grace” YouTube videos. About three weeks ago, I was walking through downtown in the city where I live. From where I was to where my car was parked was about a 20-minute walk. On this particular day, I was tired and hot. I didn’t feel like walking back to my car but, of course, I did anyway.  Within 10 minutes into the walk, I stopped in my tracks and,  to my surprise, I realized that God had transported me. When I looked back to where I had walked from, I said to myself, “There is no way I walked that far that fast!” I know God did that for me as an invitation to believe Him for more of the same. This was a “cool” experience!

We have had several storms in our town recently with large hail. The first storm didn’t really affect us as far as we knew, but when the second one hit, we saw signs going up all over town for “new roofs.” A salesperson came by asking if we wanted them to do an estimate, but my husband, who was convinced we were fine, said “No.” Later, I was feeling like it wouldn’t hurt to have them come and take a look, so I called the company. Sure enough, the estimate was $36,000 worth of damage. Our insurance would cover the roof, but not the gutters, which were in bad shape. The roofing company went to bat for us and got the gutters covered. So not only did the Holy Spirit impress upon me to have the estimate done, but we also had favor in getting it all covered. So thankful!

The second story is regarding our taxes… We have been paying high federal and state taxes for years. Through a friend, we found out that we shouldn’t have had to pay that amount. So, I talked to our accountant and sure enough, my friend was right. This year we will actually get $700.00 back. Praise God!

My friend’s son was recently diagnosed with cancer. She called, all upset, and I suggested she go back to “Adventures in Grace #1” and start filling herself up on those teachings of Life with the Guys!. (To cry about it was not going to get the outcome she needed.) Thankfully she did exactly that! It changed her prayers and, needless-to-say, the report came back negative! Oh, what a wonderful Father! Our Jesus and Holy Spirit trio of pure love that your teachings have shown us is available. Thankfully you are sharing this wonderful news! Thank you so very much.

Many years ago my girlfriend broke up with me. Right after that I went to McDonalds. When I went up to the counter to order, a girl working there offered me the vanilla ice cream cone she was holding in her hand. It was a mistake from another order, so it was free. She handed it to me, and I enjoyed it. Vanilla is my favorite flavor anyway. What a blessing!

I recall, back when I was in the military, I was in communications, and
was directed by my supervisor to draft a message to the upper echelon
of the military.  I was an important message and had to worded just
right.  I was thinking about how I was going to word it, and after a
minute, or two, I felt a joy and a peace come over me and instantly I
knew just what to say!  I drafted the message, and called the
supervisor over, to read  and or edit it!  She read it, and sent it
just as I (or rather Grace) had drafted it, and said, “I don’t have to
change a thing, it’s a really good message!”  GRACE is with us, and
eager to help us in all situations and circumstances of life!


We had a storm come through our area a few weeks ago. A very large branch ripped off a tree on the side of the house. This tree was very close to our neighbor’s house, his fence, our new air conditioning unit, our shed, our gutters. That whole tree was leaning toward our neighbor’s house! Yet, this huge branch broke off completely and landed on the ground, hitting absolutely nothing but the ground!!! We give all praise and honor to God! We know the angels guided that down to the ground. Glory to God! God is great and worthy to be praised!

I so love how God arranges things so wonderfully. Just recently I felt prompted to go back and look at imagination some more, and just begun when voila, what’s your newest topic but just that. I’m a Charis Colorado graduate and have heard Andrew teach on it a few times and always love it. You’ve brought out verses that for some reason I didn’t even realize involved imagination, I just love that. Anyway, when you started teaching this last Friday, you must’ve been just a little confused because you said a couple of times this was imagination #2. You mentioned a couple of things you thought you had already shared, but I bet there was more in that first one we’d all like to hear. I have a grace experience to share but I’m still waiting for the whole thing to play out; I know the result will be amazing. Thank you, Jim, I’m so grateful that this has been put on your heart to teach. Your adventures in grace have impacted me greatly!

Finding grace. I could see myself as the person in Brother Hagin’s book about love, who hadn’t really experienced love. Believed in His goodness, experienced Him in many ways, joy, peace, etc. but not sure I really have understood love beyond a limited measure. I thought I had, but this has been different. Like petals getting picked from a never-ending flower–grace is like Him saying with each little and big thing, I love you, I love you, I love you!
From having our home finished for free (by a crew of men), through one of the most damaged relationships from a church split, to landing a great rental, grace is already so wildly beyond what I could ask, think, or imagine. Grace is continually showing me how much He loves me and how big grace is towards us. Not because of who I am, but it’s WHO He is!

Thank you. . . you are CHANGING LIVES!! This summer purchasing good-tasting watermelons has been a challenge. Several times they just haven’t been good.  This weekend I had purchased one & as I was starting to cut into it, I started laughing & thought “use GRACE” for this to be a good one.  I did.  And it was amazing!!  My heart was just full!!! Thank you again!!

Where to start??  I received an inheritance recently.  And you know I did not do ONE thing to deserve or earn it.  It was because who I was born to.  Doesn’t that sound like our Father?  A grace story for sure.  Again, I did nothing!!!  In fact, my grandfather, who was the initial source passed away about 50 years ago and so I wasn’t even aware at the time, what my inheritance would be.  I also still listen to you and BJ every day over and over; remember when BJ talked about us having habits because we live in this world, like preparing to stop at a stoplight, or preparing to buy popcorn at the theatre.  Well he said anticipating, inspecting and envisioning the future, was the habit that we just have to learn with God and Grace.  Then you said that God already has been to my future and he’s just waiting for me to partake of it!   Is not that the definition of FAITH?  Well, I am so thankful.

More ADVENTURES IN GRACE.  Made a comment on fb group regarding a product I felt would benefit my husband.  Two people asked to Bless us with different products. To my absolute delight, something I had wanted regarding the company was included. Thought it would be one item!!  2nd. ADVENTURE IN GRACE.  My dog had to be changed on dog food/ Vet had a bag returned that was practically full;  gave it to me!!  3. Daughter got a raise @ work.  4. My son’s business is growing EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY.!!  Mr. Hockaday, your revelations of JESUS/GRACE/GOD/HOLY SPIRIT have literally changed the course of my life and many others that I have been privileged to share your teachings with.  THANK YOU.!!!!

I have been watching your series, United with Christ and loving it. Recently I was car-traveling with a friend. Our trip would take two full days and we’d be facing into the sun for most of it. So, I was wearing my prescription sunglasses and had placed my regular glasses in the other case so I only needed to carry one. We stopped in a very small town to have a picnic lunch from our cooler. At which time I changed my glasses for a time. After lunch, we cleaned up, I switched my glasses back to sunglasses and put them away, or so I thought.  As we arrived at our destination, I was ready to put my regular glasses on but couldn’t find the case. We both looked everywhere. We prayed that God would bring them to me so I didn’t need to buy another pair in two days. The next morning we searched again but didn’t find them. I let my friend, Christine knew what was up and asked her if God had already dropped them at her place waiting for me. She said she hadn’t looked. As we started driving that morning, I had a headache and was thinking of taking a pain reliever when a thought struck me. I’m believing God to bring me my glasses but I’m not believing Him to heal my headache! As soon as I told my friend this thought we prayed for the headache to go away and it did! Praise the Lord. Later, we arrived at our dinner destination, I had to wear my sunglasses all through dinner, still believing God to bring my glasses to me. My friend, Christine, arrived to pick me up, so I’m unloading my suitcase when she asks if we’ve found them yet. Nope. She said she felt like they were still in the car and asked if she could look. Of course she was welcome to look! She opened the driver’s door, pulled out the sun shade and there was the case. Praise the Lord! My friend and I had both checked that shade twice each before in our searching. There is nothing my God cannot do! His grace is enough!

I was listening to the Imagination #3 video as I was out for a morning walk. As I listened, all of a sudden I saw myself on the inside say to someone “do you know Jesus?” At that moment I looked up and there was a young woman walking toward me. I had a moment of mental wrangling wondering if I should stop her and ask or keep going.  I continued walking a little longer.  It kept bugging me so I turned around and ran to catch up with her. When I got to her I asked her if she knew Jesus. She told me she had been a practicing Catholic her whole life. I explained the difference of knowing Jesus and going to church. She was open to it and I briefly shared with her how to get born again. She then told me that she was going to go do that right now. God is so gracious. I love experiencing Him and growing in the simple things that turn my heart toward Him

I received a duplicate order of work supplies on Monday 3/6.  When I told our secretary, she said it was the company’s mistake, so I was able to keep the supplies!  Part of the duplicate order were the red heart shape ice packs I really like.  I was happy because now I had twice as many heart shaped ice packs…an abundant supply!
Then I had revelation of God restoring double!  (Isaiah 61:7)