Healing By Design

Catch the vision!  What if there was a place where people could come—where the power of God was tangible and divine healing was the norm? Can you see numbers of people being ministered to every day – and with validated medical results? Imagine them sharing their testimonies to prove that Jesus is truly the Great Physician!

What if social media became inundated with healing testimonies until people, governments and institutions had to ADMIT that something unusual, beyond their understanding, was happening? Perhaps this could be part of the end-time “revival” the Bible talks about!

The Healing by Design Center may be in its infancy, yet the vision continues to grow in my heart. Our plan in the new year is to meet two weeks out of the month for three evenings a week… Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. During these evenings, we will hold teaching and healing sessions, inspiring faith in God and providing undeniable experiences with Him. Our future plan is to obtain a building of our own where we can hold teaching and healing sessions three times a week, with possible expansion to twice a day as needed. Eventually, I would love to train willing workers to help us with the ministry and grow in their understanding of how to minister to the sick.

The first emphasis of our training will be to help people connect to God through prayer and a revelation of the Word of God. There are many components to this vision, but safe to say, God has directed us to start this ministry in the Denver, CO area. And it is His desire to once again SEE healing power flow like it did so many years ago.

As we move forward, we are trusting God for the $300 nightly payments necessary for us to maintain our meeting venue. If you would like to help cover the cost so that someone else can have a life-changing moment, click here to make a donation online. While on our website, check out our itinerary for these meetings. We’d love to have you join us with hearts full of faith that what God has instructed us to do will be greatly exceeded in expectations!

As our vision grows, we will share any new developments on our website. RIGHT NOW, as you read this, the presence of Jesus is at work making a change in your body… Send us your testimony. IT’S TIME!