Jesus Only Testimony 2

by admin

In the Fall of 2021 I had a run in with some really bad poison Ivy that was spreading at a very rapid rate. Being in the landscaping business I encounter poison Ivy every once in awhile but this was getting pretty bad. It started on my right and spread all the way from my wrist to arm pit, and then it made its way to all the rest of my body. In the past I would have gotten a steroid shot, some pill to stop the itching, etc… but I had enough of all that. It wasn’t that the pills and ointments were bad but none of that ever helped me trust God more, none of that stuff ever helped me believe that He could heal me from this awful skin rash. So I told my Jesus, my wife, and friends that I’m not budging and I’m trusting Jesus. That night after my friends wedding I had a dream that changed everything. In the dream I was back at the wedding I was just at that evening with my friend Paul (who is also my pastor). My sleeves were rolled up because it was hot and all that horrid poison ivy was on my arms. In the dream, Paul walked up to me, grabbed my arm, looked at the poison ivy and said to me,” Ahh this crap again, huh?” I then told him “yep,” and after I said that, Paul slapped my arm in the dream and I immediately woke up in the flesh in my bed. It seemed so real in that dream that my heart was beating fast and I even felt like I could feel the slap on my arm in the natural. I then got my flash light on my phone, shined the light on my arm and there was no poison ivy on my arm or anywhere on my body! I was completely healed from head to toe and not a trace of poison ivy that was covering my body before I laid in bed.

– Spencer Sox