No more pain!

by Jim Hockaday

April 2023

Last week I was experiencing some pain while walking, so
much so that it made me limp.  I took off the sock and, lo and behold
one of my toes was the color purple.  I had obviously stubbed it and
broken it (although I don’t remember doing so).  We had a JH meeting
that we were to attend that night and I put my shoe on (with pain) and
walked with the limp.  The meeting went on as usual (it was wonderful,
by the way).  Nobody prayed for me, but I noticed that after the
meeting walking down the aisle to the parking lot, that I was no
longer walking with a limp.  I got home and took the sock off again,
and sure enough, the toe was still purple, but there was no pain.  I
tried it out and bent it the way it would cause pain and jumped up and
down trying it and there was no pain!  Two days later, the color had
returned completely to normal!  Only God could have done that!  Praise
the Lord!