Until I Come 20-CD Training Course

Until I Come 20-CD Training Course


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Why do the miracles that Jesus performed seem so simple? Is it possible that Jesus did these things as a man? It seems He fully expected His followers to do the miracles even as He did. Is He expecting too much? Jesus stood as mediator between heaven and earth. This position, He delegated to the church. In these last days, we must rise boldly to defend the will of God as His representatives or God-men—which is saying the same thing. The world is waiting for sons of God—-men and women filled with God—to deliver it from the devil’s grip; something that Jesus finalized two thousand years ago. Our responsibility is to enforce this victory so the souls of men will come to know Jesus is alive and reigning as King of kings and Lord of lords. Please note: this product is created on demand so there will be a delay in shipping.

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