Intimacy with the Holy Spirit 6-CD Series

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit 6-CD Series




“Wait in Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.” Has the church failed to see the importance and urgency of the Lord’s command concerning the work of the Holy Ghost? If the early church needed the advantages of the Holy Ghost working in their lives to correctly begin this present dispensation, then most assuredly we the church at the end of this age must be indelibly sealed with the same promise. There are at least ten reasons why every believer would want to speak in tongues. Be encouraged! By praying in tongues daily, you can be ready for every challenge with which you are confronted. Learn to pray out the will of God for your life. Struggle no longer with those tough decisions. You can have insight from God and walk in the perfect path for your life. Much more awaits you as you listen and practice what you hear in “The Power of Tongues.”

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