Spiritual “Shop Vac”

by admin

A spiritual shop vac! Perhaps the best place to start with this particular “ THEORY “is to begin by explaining and describing what exactly a shop vac is . A shop vac is a metal canister that is about half the size of your basic old fashion metal garbage can. It has a motor on the top lid which is nothing more than a commercial grade heavy duty vacuum. Shop vacs are a very strong vacuum, they can pick up anything! Water, nails, pieces of small wood chips, little rocks and gravel… Literally anything that can pass through the 2 inch intake suction tube! A shop vac or officially “SHOP VACUUM “is a very powerful vacuum cleaner for industrial types of situations. Now that you know what a “shop vac “is, I will move on straight away to describe what a major problem and a very huge road block in so many Christian’s lives a spiritual shop vac has become. So much so is this very sad thing a regular and common place occurrence most never even give it a passing thought, that such a “ GRACE BLOCKER “ even actually exist ! Or can happen without anyone truly being aware of it getting in the way of God’s grace and even prayers being heard by Christ or answered!

We go about our days trying to pay bills and making every attempt to enjoy this most unnatural of worlds. Family and friends, perhaps hobbies and trying to make the best of this life on earth. Always hoping and having a connection with God that will provide guidance and a very inner peace of mind that things will always be just fine. Jesus watches over us and we can relax in the salvation and just be a good person and enjoy our Father’s love and his abiding presence in our lives. This sounds so natural and so peaceful and positive. Something most might really be convinced is theirs and they having no worries and they are one with God and life is truly as the Bible describes for them… A life of love and a destiny, to finally at one point to actually go home. To heaven and be with God for eternity with certainty, to actually enjoy what the scriptures describe and promise.

Yet if a person truly has such a connection and the grace of God is in their life. Then why do prayers go unanswered or so much trouble and strife enter and remain in a person’s life? Ask and you shall receive! All sins are forgiven! So much power in these two short very profound statements to us all!!……..

So then what is wrong? Why does it seem that we ask and do not receive? It can really haunt you and literally discourage a person from continuing with their personal beliefs. How many years and how many trials and tribulations does it take before a person gets fatigued and discouraged about praying to God and never receiving any results? Before they feel in their heart that there is now God. Or that they themselves are not worthy of such grace and love? How many of you that is reading this right now has asked this very thing so many times in your life? What or where is the disconnect or road block between your spirit and the Holy Spirit? Obviously there is something wrong somewhere on some level? Otherwise your life would be full of peace and love and all your prayers would be answered right as the thought crossed into your mind. Which by the way is supposed to be the way it works? Try reading about this very topic in your Bible…

Now possibly consider this! What if there is a person or a specific event or even just a small situation in your own personal life that is the road block? All it takes is the slightest of question about does Christ even exist? Can praying really work? Am I actually a real Christian? Nobody else seems to be getting any grace! I will never understand how this works! God has his own mysterious ways! These and so many more occur every minute of every day around the world!

Doubt, suspicion, fear, remorse, guilt , anger, jealousy, lust, self-incrimination,blame,acusations, judgeing,criticizing,arguing,questioning, so many very small and slightly negative or less than positive simple little split second thoughts or even a passing momentary feelings. Can suck the ability of grace and The Holy Spirit to connect with you and your life! All these from you or even from someone in your very presence can act as a “ SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC “ and suck the love of God right out of the room with negativity and poor thoughts..

The devil or satan or as I personally refer to that negative thing as just that “negative energy”, has been defeated and left powerless so very long ago by Christ. So since negative energy has no real big power or even much tangibility to us or in this unnatural of worlds. Then that means the power or things that prevent each of us from becoming closer to God or enjoying grace and having all prayers answered. Must be laid at our own feet! Perhaps after reading this particular theory you may be able to understand how that “ SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC “ can appear out of nowhere in a spilt second and suck all the positive grace right out of a room or out of your heart or mind ! Someone who has doubts or that really is not as close to God as one might think they are.

Only one person in an entire house of people that is the only one who has been saved and prays… They may fall victim to this shop vac every single day! Trying to read a Bible and pray while that person’s entire house hold does nothing but make fun or light of their Christian beliefs and attempts to be with Jesus. In a hospital room praying for health and life while someone in the same room is on the telephone making funeral arrangements. Wanting to fix a marriage and stay connected to a family, praying for a rebirth of the love that made that union to begin with. Yet separation and separate homes emerge along with attorneys and a family divided with the new two separate but equal homes and living arrangements… How can The Holy Spirit help us when our own actions and thoughts are so counterproductive to what we actually pray for? Every one of these little situations I just wrote about are the switch that turns on the “ SPRITUAL SHOP VAC “ that sucks the positive energy of God’s grace right out of our minds and hearts.

Knowing this and perhaps looking at our lives and the choices and thoughts and decisions we make without any real perception of the scriptures and the total and unconditional belief in Christ can and will cause things to be disconnected and a prayer not even being heard let alone answered… One of the largest and most over looked “ SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC “ occurrences is so socially acceptable and even advised by clergy and marriage counselors !! Prenuptial contracts! The actual creating and signing of an agreement if the marriage does not work or is not what it is supposed to be like, both parties finances and property are protected so when they split up and get a divorce their personal asses and property will be safe. Then they have a ceremony performed by a clergyman professing their devotion to Christ Rand that they are now a couple and they swear to God! Really … I mean really !! C’mon here ! Talk about turning on the spiritual shop vac before the wedding.., Already making plans for failure! Any reason God or Jesus or even The Holy Spirit is going to be present or answer prayers for that situation? NO !!

Remember this ,.. Your choices and the thoughts you have and the little ideas that pass through your mind everyday are the switch to the “ SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC “ ….

Are you thinking and choosing to turn it on? Or thinking and choosing to keep it turned off?

Ladies and Gentleman ,.. Welcome to the “ SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC “ Theory …..