God Likes Math

by admin

I am not sure exactly why but I always get a bit of a smile in my heart when I say “ God likes math “! Let’s see,.. “ GOD LIKES MATH “?? Yes mathematics!!….. 1+1= a million ?? What math is this ? God’s math !

Perhaps this phrase that I use often does seem puzzling to some? Although since I came up with it I should explain why God likes math. All through the history of man, the Bible and other types of such writings and recorded documents refer to how Christ increases and expands so many things and issues to incalculable ends. One loaf of bread into many, one fish into many, a small amount of water into a bunch of wine all mathematical increases of incalculable measures. A simple saying of “All sins are forgiven “, think for a moment just how mathematical such a phrase is? All…. Sins …. Are….forgiven….!! Forever ! Now that is an increase of numbers the like that Einstein would not be able to calculate! Not even the best and largest computer can handle such an “ALL“ type of calculation… So, “God likes math “!

Unfortunately like everything, there is a positive and a negative that lurks in the shadows to make sure you always have a choice between good and evil… Simple choices that are not easy truly come into play when you take the phrase god likes math and apply it to your life and the decisions and choices you have made and will make in the future. Before you realize how that applies the results of a mathematical formula usually have already started to take place! Think of it like this, you throw a stone into a pond, and you see and hear the initial splash as the stone hits and enters the still water. Instantly without hesitation the ripples from the stone hitting the surface start to rapidly expand and cause the still waters to be effected by the small stone… Ripples may continue for just a few feet to the entire surface of the pond… Depending on the size of the pond and the depth of the water along with the size of the stone thrown, all go into a mathematical formula that controls and dictates how much effect on the still waters the stone will cause..

Perhaps instead of a small stone you choose to grab a huge rock with both hands and pitch it as far as you can? Now you have a major disturbance and a definite effect on the entire pond! Good or bad effect really depends on your point of view and how you are in the total pond environment. Are you a large fish that just hears all of this and could care less? Or are you a small mosquito that any ripple can cause you great peril and discourse? Can you ever really be sure which you are affecting by throwing any stone or rock? No, all you really can be sure is something is going to occur and through cause and effect there will be some ripples to big waves. All caused by your actions and yours alone to the pond. If you are a conspiracy nut or really into existential philosophy you can even ask the question, what about the stone or rock and their place in this entire scenario? Now that is really a math problem going crazy with ever increasing calculations and number increases! Obviously! Once again, “GOD LIKES MATH “!!!!

Now let us turn away from throwing stones and rocks into a still pond. To our own actions and deeds as people in a society and civilization that is covering most of the earth right now. How easy is it to actually say or do something that seems so simple and cannot have any real effect at all, escalate to keep traveling and expanding to cause an effect in places and in people’s lives you have never met? Possibly a rumor or poor joke? Maybe some action or phrase said out of frustration or anger. It really is true! Bad news travels faster than good news… How sad that such a statement is so true and really describes so much of this unnatural world. Since God likes math, along with negative energy always lurking around to take advantage of a person’s distractions and turning their attention and focus off of Christ and onto this unnatural world.. The likely hood of a simple statement, lie, bad word, rumor, insult, spur of the moment negative utterance. All will actually travel and effect so much more than you realize! The true simplistic mathematics of this has Christ’s grace written all over it. It is endless and limitless and covers so much more than a mere person can actually perceive or understand how it will travel and the true effect it has… Sounds like Jesus to me!

Unfortunately, now it is very easy to see and understand how a building that is not a church at all. Or a TV show that requires money for prayer assistance, the selling of services and goods in the name of Christ can have such a devastating effect with this mathematical equation! How so many are led astray and are taken advantage of without really knowing it, how their own misfortunes and being a victim of greed and false hopes can be spread by them to so many… Then on and on the ripples of the still waters are effected by the casting of a stone or rock! Yes, God likes math! Fortunately all sins are forgiven and in a split second choice salvation is available and waiting for all who choose to acknowledge it and except it. Again another mathematical example of how it ever increases and covers more than one individual can fathom! The power is not in the negative deed, or even in the loving action, the true power is in either occurrence how you never can realize or even consider accurately what will happen or who will be affected by either good or bad. Now that is mathematics the likes that only God can produce or understand…

So if the smallest of negative action can and does have a very powerful potential for expansion and increases beyond any mathematical calculation, then that means a positive and loving action or utterance will also be affected by this very same mathematical equation and theory! Who knows what a kind word to a stranger will do to their day? What giving an extra dollar back to the checkout girl will mean to her or her job? Or perhaps, you stop and offer assistance to a stranger, what that may do or lead to is so momentous as to be a tragic shame not to put into motion. Since we know that God likes math, think of the potential for grace and love if you try to set some type of positive action or loving words into motion! You and I will never know, because of the ripple effect of the still waters of the pond. The small stone to the large rock both have very large and incalculable cause and effect on the ponds entire environment. Then obviously so does loving words and good deeds and actions when we make a simple choice to do such Christ like work, no wonder God likes math!

This is a perfect example of the “ GOD LIKES MATH “ Theory ……………….