Your Best Year Ever!

by Jim Hockaday

The 27th chapter of the Psalms is surrounded with the possibility of violence and destruction from danger all around. Many of us will enter into this new year with anything but peaceful surroundings. The probability of doom and gloom pervade our news media and quickly become the main topic of discussion by many.

AND even though we are not “OF” this world we are still “IN” it. The 23rd Psalm, which is a favorite to so many, tells us with all of God’s amazing goodness we will still walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

NOW, I would love for each of you—no matter what the conditions are—to follow the one thing that David sought with all his heart; that is to experience God. Right in the heart of all the trouble that was impossible to handle, David learned the secret to being a champion… Develop and maintain your focus on God. With all the wisdom of the world, the three greatest stress relievers of our day or any other self-help therapy, no one or thing can calm your soul like Jesus. He has peace flowing from the throne of God that will flood your soul and guide you into every victory that your covenant declares!

I am moved today to focus on the word, “soak”. Soak means: to make or allow something to become thoroughly wet by immersing it in liquid. David certainly was known for his time spent in the presence of the Lord. AND in the 5th chapter of 2 Corinthians, Paul emphasized that he groaned within to become thoroughly immersed in the sea of immortality. We were made to be inwardly at peace and outwardly saturated with heaven. Life wasn’t meant to be walked through alone. So wherever you are in life, find a few moments to look within and see the wonders of Him. Even if you should fall asleep, practice being quiet and focused on Jesus. There is a presence and an anointing that will surprise you as you do this. God wants to walk through the toughest of times with you as if you never noticed how tough they were. There is direction, confidence and security in the presence of the Lord. Let’s get soaked in the Glory of God this year… AND by the time 2013 rolls around YOU will have had the best year of your lives.