Independence Day

by Jim Hockaday

I enjoyed “taking-in” the true patriotism of this July 4th holiday in celebration of our country! I find myself extremely absorbed with thanksgiving to God for the privilege to grow up in the United States of America. Don’t you? What a great and awesome country!!! Today was just one day in 365 where the history of this country continues to be written.

We have the supreme opportunity to make a difference as our country faces some of the greatest tests and trials that it will probably ever experience.

It was the blood of innocent men and women who paved the way of freedom throughout the history of this country. They selflessly gave their lives to ensure that we in this and future generations would have the liberty to make decisions and live in freedom without the tyranny that many well meaning countries are enslaved in today. So the responsibility that we have is extremely crucial to the voice of those who gave their lives and the voice of those unborn as of yet. Will we, the people of this country, make the decisions necessary to vote into office those who will lead according to the documents of our independence? (I Timothy 2:2).

A similar responsibility exists for the peoples of the world who will consider what the precious blood shed on Calvary did to liberate and release the souls of men. Those who are enslaved in the sin nature will always be bound to the experience of corruption. Our solution is easy… just tell as many people as we can that they have been released “through the blood.” AND they WON’T have to be bound any more! Jesus our Lord liberated us two thousand years ago so that without fail, every man who is IN CHRIST will rise above what so many consider normal to experience life on heaven’s scale—the supernatural.

So by honoring the blood that was shed to ensure our freedom we have the choice of participating where ever we can to spread the message that Jesus is the ONLY TRUE answer that will deliver REAL CHANGE in this world.