Dare to Believe: Week Two

by Jim Hockaday

In His life on Earth the Son of God became a man called Jesus. If He had only been God, He could not have died for our sins. Likewise if He were not a man He would not have been able to be the example that we could follow. His life gives us the pattern for godly living.

The purpose of His coming was not to make us better people; it was to make us like Him. Glory to God! We have been made like Him, even as He is now at the right hand of the Father. As He is resurrected and glorified, we now share the endless possibilities for living in the supernatural.

“Father, thank You for the amazing gift of Your Son. I pray that today I would see Him as the pattern and model for my life and follow in His steps. Because I am a partaker of Your divine nature, I will show Your life and grace to all those around me in everything I do.”