Dare to Believe: Week Twenty

by Jim Hockaday

One of the most dangerous sins in the world is pride. Satan proved that pride will distort our view of reality. Yet often that is the temptation we allow to linger in our heart. It is such a seductive sin that we must be on guard against it at all times.

James warns us that pride will cause God to resist us—literally to push us away. (James 4:6) As long as faith is required for the Christian life, pride will continue to be a deadly sin. It is an enemy of your faith.

Resist the thought that you can live victoriously in your own strength, and rest in the grace of God to win every fight. Humbling your-self to rely only on God, acknowledging Him and His ability will allow you to begin experiencing the miracles God wants you to have.

“Father, I am aware that Pride distorts my perception of You. I know that every good thing I own or have done is solely because of Your grace. I humble myself before You now, asking that You will help me to keep my mind free of the pride that destroys life.”