Dare to Believe: Week Twenty-six

by Jim Hockaday

Miracles are not supposed to be things that you only hear about happening to someone else; they are meant by God to be your own personal experience. We rejoice when God does great things for others, but often we do not really expect the same results in our own lives.

Paul tells us in this passage that the power of the Spirit to work miracles comes “by the hearing of faith,” or in other words, “responding to the command of faith.” His Word must be the only thing that makes sense to us.

Now do you see why miracles are not a normal part of our lives? It’s because we do not respond as we should to God, so what is meant to be a central part of our life ends up being a source of envy and frustration. This won’t do, so let’s change it today. Begin to say, “I am full of God and full of faith. I can’t lose. I only win. Life is so awesome!”

“Father, for too long I have lived without Your miracle-working power as a reality in my daily life. I confess I am full of faith, and today everything changes for me. I will never think again that the miraculous is not real to me. I am born as a miracle from a miracle-working God.”