Dare to Believe: Week Twenty-seven

by Jim Hockaday

We live in an uncertain world where most people are unsure of their future. As a result, they live in the bondage of fear and worry. But God has given us a means—prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving—through which we can experience His peace; the peace that is more than enough for every need.

Since peace is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) it is not something that we produce on our own. It is not a result of our efforts, but of His working in and through our lives. Notice this peace is not common or ordinary; it is beyond any human ability to explain or understand. This peace is yours already.

Father, thank You for Your wonderful peace. When I am tempted to doubt or worry, I will remember that Your peace is abundant. May I enjoy fully the rest and confidence that is my birthright as Your child. Thank you for filling my life with the fruit of Your Holy Spirit which is Your peace.