Dare to Believe: Week Twenty-eight

by Jim Hockaday

It is easy to feel good about your faith when things are going your way. But your faith is put to the test when adversity comes, when there is a disease or a financial reversal or when problems arise in your family. That is not the time to give up on God and question why He has abandoned you. The truth is, He hasn’t.

Instead, refocus your attention on His love and His Word. Remind yourself of all the good things God has done for you in the past.

Talk to other people about His promises. By doing this, you will remain strong, even in the storms of life. And when your faith is encouraged, it works better.

Father, though I may face storms and challenges, I know that You will never abandon me. I rejoice in Your presence, and thank You for ultimate victory. Knowing the answer is already mine is comforting; knowing the victory is already won is life changing.