Dare to Believe: Week Twelve

by Jim Hockaday

Very few things written in the Bible are described as being impossible. When the word “impossible” is used, it is generally in the context of nothing being impossible for God. Yet the writer of Hebrews declares that it is impossible to please God unless we are living by faith.

The basis of our faith is the work of redemption and the divine nature that has been imparted unto our born-again human spirit. This makes us faith people called “believers.”

If you desire to see the supernatural in every area of your life, then let the Word of God inform you of your rights and privileges. Let it also inspire you to act boldly in faith. The most natural thing you could do in all the world is to believe God.

“Father, I confess to You today that my faith is as strong as Yours. I ask that You will help me to use it even as You do. Strengthen my resolve as Your Word inspires me to act in faith. Let it truly be said of me that I always please You as I dare to live by faith in Your precious truth that will never fail.”