Dare to Believe: Week Three

by Jim Hockaday

When a craftsman is fully trained and ready to go out into business on his own, he produces a master work to serve as a demonstration of his skill and ability. This work will be carefully inspected to insure that its creator was up to the task. That is the description God gives of His children—we are His master work.

Recognizing that you are especially created by a loving God for the purpose of displaying His power will change the way you view yourself.

You are not lacking in anything; rather you are a work of art. God actually believes that He did a good job when He created you. Begin today to think of yourself as God thinks of you and it will transform your self image.

“Father, thank You that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank You that You have a purpose and design for my life. I ask that You will help me today to live in the realization that I was especially created to bring you Glory as I succeed in Your purpose.”