Dare to Believe: Week Sixteen

by Jim Hockaday

I believe if an honest poll were taken asking why believers fail to act on their faith, the number one answer would be fear of failure. Too many of us are afraid to declare the miracles we want or need because we do not truly believe we will receive them. We don’t want to be embarrassed.

The disciples knew they had faith; they just thought they needed more because in their minds the command given seemed bigger than they could handle. The Lord said “If you have faith.” He knew they had faith.

He was attempting to get them to see that if they would use their faith they would see the miraculous. As long as you question the ability of God in you, you will forfeit your success. Everybody has faith; get busy using yours.

“Father, I set out to live today with an active faith. I will call to mind Your promises when I doubt or am tempted. I determine to be bold and courageous with my faith. Thank you for your faithfulness.”