Dare to Believe: Week Seven

by Jim Hockaday

Jesus stated that He was working, living and teaching, not by His own authority, but by the direction and authority of His Father in Heaven. If the very Son of God lived by that direction, why do we think we are able to go off on our own and still live a victorious Christian life?

The answers to the popular question “What would Jesus do?” are found in the pages of Scripture. Fill your life and your mind with the Word of God and allow it to dictate your daily conduct. As you do so, you will find that you are living more and more like Jesus every day.

“Father, more than anything else today I want to live as Jesus lived. I want to show Your love and grace to the world, and I want to walk in holiness and power. Thank you for Your Spirit directing my every step so that I may truly follow in His steps.”