Dare to Believe: Week Nine

by Jim Hockaday

The Bible is not like any other book. Because it is the living Word of God, it contains the truths and power that equip us to live as God intends for us to live. If you view the Bible as a collection of ancient stories, you are missing out on the most powerful faith builder you have.

The Bible is also sharp—it is pointed. When you read the truths of Scripture, you are forced to make a decision to either change your life in obedience or live in rebellion. You do not have the option of ignoring what the Bible says.

It will reveal the purposes hidden within your heart. It will also guide you into the greatest experiences that life can offer. Make the Word of God the most important book you read. Then read it.

“Father, You have given me such an incredible gift through Your Word. I thank You for the Scriptures, and commit myself today to live in the promises of Your living Word. I declare my confidence in the Bible and know that its power is now active in every part of my life.”