Dare to Believe: Week Fourteen

by Jim Hockaday

Have you ever felt like your faith was inadequate? If you are born again, you have the Faith of God. Period! What ever you receive from God is abundant, and more than enough. But the context of that statement is worth considering. The proportion of one’s faith is the portion that you use.

You see, the issue is not the size of our faith, for we are the greatest of all God’s creation and can function with God’s faith as He does. Rather, the question is, have you been using your faith lately?

If you wait for more faith, you will never see God work in a great and mighty way. Put your faith to work, and watch what happens. The more you use it the easier it is to use more.

“Father, I pray for wisdom as I exercise my faith fully. I no longer want to live a life bound by what others say is possible. I believe in the promises that You have given to me and I declare that my faith is strong. Hallelujah!”