Dare to Believe: Week Four

by Jim Hockaday

We’ve already talked about the new nature God places within us when we become part of His family. Now I want you to see two more truths about this nature. First, it is a divine nature—God’s nature—that we have received. Second, we already have all of that nature.

While it is true that we grow as Christ-ians, the essence of our new divine nature is complete at the moment of salvation. You have what you need to live a godly life in every aspect. It is simply a matter of living according to that nature you received as part of God’s gift to you.

The word of God is your owner’s manual to show you how to live like God.

“Father, I proclaim today that I possess Your Divine nature. Thank you for the confidence to live according to that nature, forsaking all the burdens and shame of my past. What an honor to live life as You do.”