Dare to Believe: Week Eighteen

by Jim Hockaday

Sometimes we simply give up when things do not immediately turn out the way we think they should. By example, George Mueller, who, completely by faith ran several orphanages that served thousands of children, had two friends for whom he prayed for fifty years before they came to the Lord.

Faith perseveres in the face of all obstacles. It knows the answer is real before it is seen. Jesus healed the daughter of this woman who was a foreigner rather than a Jew because she would not stop until she received her miracle. God is looking for people who are dedicated and committed to seeking His face.

“Father, today help me to stand strong, never giving up on Your promises. Paul prayed for the church to see the truth the way it is from You. So as I stand my ground, help me to see clearly so my actions are bold. I will not listen to the problem, but I’ll keep my eyes focused firmly on You.”