Dare to Believe: Week Eight

by Jim Hockaday

When you were young, did you sneak around to open your Christmas presents before Christmas? All of us are thrilled and excited when we receive a gift. There is an eagerness and anticipation that fills our hearts when we know a gift is on its way. But the greatest gift of all is God’s gift of righteousness and eternal life.

As with all gifts, righteousness and eternal life must be received before they can be effective. Receiving God’s righteousness goes beyond salvation. Although God makes us righteous, many of His children do not understand that truth.

As a result, they are like a child who leaves a toy under the Christmas tree—they never experience the benefits of the gift. Open your gift and enjoy all the benefits of your righteousness.

“Father, I pray that today as I accept my position of being righteous, You will help me to understand its significance and to walk in its power. May all that I do be in keeping with my new nature.”