Come to the Storehouse

by Jim Hockaday

Have you grocery shopped lately? I’m sure each of us has shopped at one time or another. We know that a good grocery store usually stocks everything needed to provide our family with the foods we eat. NOW, once inside, it really comes down to what you are looking for and the aisle that has your items. Some go up each aisle and load their cart; others may take only certain items from the shelves.

But this is the typical way to grocery shop, in order to provide the meals a family likes and needs to nourish their bodies. However, I have another question for you…

Have you shopped lately for spiritual food? Maybe it would vary just a little, but didn’t Jesus come to set the world free? He provided everything for us; His store is full and no payment is needed at checkout! For a moment consider ALL that Jesus did for us. . . once you are in the store everything is free. You can have as much as you like. In Eph. 1:3 it says, “…every spiritual blessing has already been given to us in Christ;” in 1 Tim 6:9 Paul says, “He has given us all things richly to enjoy…;” and in 2 Pet. 1:3 it says “…we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness…” Go with me to Psalm 103, where it mentions our BENEFITS in the new covenant. ALL sin is forgiven; ALL sickness is healed; Goodness and kindness is ours; ALL destruction is removed and our mouth is satisfied with good things, while our strength is renewed like the eagles. WOW!!! Sounds like the shelves are fully stocked and running o-o-over!

Like Paul, I beg you to SEE that we are living in the “dispensation of grace” and it is no time to run short of your supply. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? Yet, it dumbfounds me how many people in God’s store walk around with nothing in their carts. Rather, it saddens me when someone with a full cart is applauded because “we consider it a miracle;” for God’s desire is for everyone to have a full cart. Why are so many NOT filling their carts? The supply never runs out! Have you ever tried to replace a can of SpaghettiOs in a row with that automatic restocking device? Then you know it takes more effort to put it back than to keep it. Now see this as a spiritual example; the person who believes a healing or miracle is theirs, but they don’t take it because they feel undeserving, or they haven’t done enough for it, or it’s “special” and they don’t qualify! These are those with empty carts who applaud those with full carts, but then leave the store empty-handed. Has religion and wrong teaching robbed us of the truth about His storehouse FULL of benefits?

I encourage you to see every miracle and provision of the Lord as the most normal, natural and to-be-expected experience that can be enjoyed every day of your life. God’s supply-house is fully equipped with automatic restocking… An exceedingly abundant supply… Open 24/7… No limits!