Testimony 4

by admin

I have recently declared that because Jesus lives in me, and I am a new creation in Him, nothing that belongs to me is going to be stolen, killed or destroyed – not my new creation life, nor money, nor time, nor my dreams, destiny and future, nor any answers to my prayers, because that’s the “thief” taking my inheritance. I don’t have to put up with anything less than Jesus’s abundant life!

Well! Something amazing just happened! By way of background, I have banking arrangements whereby certain deductions are taken directly from my account every two weeks. When I received my most recent water bill I saw that I had a credit, so I phoned the water company to see if they could reduce the monthly deduction. But they suggested the best solution was to refund the $400 to my bank account! This is my money returned to me! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!