by Jim Hockaday

While struggling with lingering symptoms in my body, I have encountered truths of why that was happening. First of all, I was allowing the devil to convince me that it was going to be difficult to get rid of the symptoms. You’ve spoken often about our “connection” to God being our Source of Life flowing into our body. I was acknowledging that, while I was also acknowledging my “connection” to lying symptoms. As James teaches – when I “waver” I get nothing from God even though He has already given me everything He has! Granted, daily headaches and dizziness is not fun to deal with, but I had to get to the end of the “stupid” process of fluctuating daily from the Truth of God and the lies of the devil! Also – in one of your messages you tell about a man that came up for ministry and began to tell you that he believed that Jesus was his Healer.  You finally got him to admit that he didn’t believe anything that he just “confessed”. Then he was able to receive the power of God and walked away healed! I’m admitting the same thing now …. I experienced the “feeling” of the symptoms, so I wasn’t allowing my spirit man to rise up and stop the deception. This message today is to tell you that I will not continue in the bondage of letting the symptoms continue! Jesus deserves my gratitude and praise for Who He is and for what He has done! I will walk in the truth of Matthew 11:27-30!!!