by Jim Hockaday

I have been watching your series, United with Christ and loving it. Recently I was car-traveling with a friend. Our trip would take two full days and we’d be facing into the sun for most of it. So, I was wearing my prescription sunglasses and had placed my regular glasses in the other case so I only needed to carry one. We stopped in a very small town to have a picnic lunch from our cooler. At which time I changed my glasses for a time. After lunch, we cleaned up, I switched my glasses back to sunglasses and put them away, or so I thought.  As we arrived at our destination, I was ready to put my regular glasses on but couldn’t find the case. We both looked everywhere. We prayed that God would bring them to me so I didn’t need to buy another pair in two days. The next morning we searched again but didn’t find them. I let my friend, Christine knew what was up and asked her if God had already dropped them at her place waiting for me. She said she hadn’t looked. As we started driving that morning, I had a headache and was thinking of taking a pain reliever when a thought struck me. I’m believing God to bring me my glasses but I’m not believing Him to heal my headache! As soon as I told my friend this thought we prayed for the headache to go away and it did! Praise the Lord. Later, we arrived at our dinner destination, I had to wear my sunglasses all through dinner, still believing God to bring my glasses to me. My friend, Christine, arrived to pick me up, so I’m unloading my suitcase when she asks if we’ve found them yet. Nope. She said she felt like they were still in the car and asked if she could look. Of course she was welcome to look! She opened the driver’s door, pulled out the sun shade and there was the case. Praise the Lord! My friend and I had both checked that shade twice each before in our searching. There is nothing my God cannot do! His grace is enough!