Charis Grad

by Jim Hockaday

I so love how God arranges things so wonderfully. Just recently I felt prompted to go back and look at imagination some more, and just begun when voila, what’s your newest topic but just that. I’m a Charis Colorado graduate and have heard Andrew teach on it a few times and always love it. You’ve brought out verses that for some reason I didn’t even realize involved imagination, I just love that. Anyway, when you started teaching this last Friday, you must’ve been just a little confused because you said a couple of times this was imagination #2. You mentioned a couple of things you thought you had already shared, but I bet there was more in that first one we’d all like to hear. I have a grace experience to share but I’m still waiting for the whole thing to play out; I know the result will be amazing. Thank you, Jim, I’m so grateful that this has been put on your heart to teach. Your adventures in grace have impacted me greatly!