Labor, Work, and Grace

by Jim Hockaday

”Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience” (Hebrews 4:11).

Lately, I have spent much time studying on the subject of “rest” which in turn has taken me to our LABOR, our WORK, and GRACE, for starters. I find it so interesting that I want to share some truths with you.

Our redemption is one of grace. We don’t come into our salvation through our works or of our own righteousness. We can only enter into salvation through the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the pattern by which we obtain every blessing that has been granted through our salvation… deliverance, healing, prosperity, and total well-being. However, we find in the new covenant that there is one main labor and that is “a labor” to enter into rest.


Notice that laboring only gets us INTO rest. Our work does not produce the results; it can only provide access into rest. What is this work? It is establishing your heart in WHAT YOU BELIEVE. In order for you to rest in what Jesus has done for you, you must be established in truth. If you are not established in truth; if your foundation is not God’s Word, you will waiver every time things get difficult. BUT once you are established, there is nothing that can move you. If you are convinced that what Jesus has accomplished is the work that will secure your success in life (and more abundant life) then there is a rest for you.


Did you know your miracle is not difficult? What ever you may need… healing, provision, restoration, and every other blessing is not meant to produce anxiety. God’s word says to “be anxious for nothing…” All blessings have been authenticated and released to us by the finished work of Jesus. Then why is it so hard? The difficulty lies in our thoughts… instead of trusting in Him we depend on our own effort. Consider what Iím saying here… Your labor is with the word of God and not the outcome; be convinced that Jesus has you covered so you can enter into rest. Once you are convinced that it is His finished work at Calvary that gives you the victory, and not your own work, you have just entered into rest. God’s rest!


I’m certain that each of us at one time or another have told those around us that we didn’t want to be disturbed. Most likely, the reason was that you needed some rest. What were you doing when you were resting? That’s right, probably nothing. This is important to understand… Grace is only able to manifest and work for you when you are resting. God doesn’t need your help. He needs your trust. If you are struggling and full of anxiety over something that has ALREADY been settled in your redemption, then step back for a moment and establish your heart on the word of God. When you know that it is okay to let go and let God have complete control, you will find rest.

I’d like to encourage you to pay close attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Especially in these days in which we live, His leading is crucial. Remember that REST IS GOOD – VERY GOOD! It is worth the effort of your labor just to enter into rest. Once you are in itís all about God. Try it, you’ll like it!