Dare to Believe: Week Five

by Jim Hockaday

America is a culture that values self-reliance. We look up to “self-made” men and women and try to emulate them. And it is true that we should carry our own weight and do what we can. But in the spiritual realm, our best efforts fall short of what is needed. That’s where grace comes in.

God’s grace is a vital part of every aspect of life; not just salvation. You need His grace each day to love your family, perform to the highest standards on the job, show God’s love to those around you, and follow Him with your whole heart.

The good news is that God’s grace is His free gift to you. Act today as though God’s ability is working through you, and it will.

“Father, Your grace is so amazing. Thank You for placing me within Your family and making me Your child. I ask that by Your grace you will provide for me those things which I cannot do myself. I rest in Your goodness and love for me, and I adore You.”