BJ Rickard 8-13-11

“RANGER” = A female Chocolate Labrador retriever… Interestingly enough is the different ways that are common knowledge or accepted practices about a person’s relationship with God. I am referring to the spirit of a person, the true person or spirit essence of who we are in our hearts and our soul. Actually what Christ is interested in also loving and having a relationship with us not the outside flesh that is of this world. Our spirit to the natural world is in a foreign place, stuck with no way of expression or a connection to God. Yet it is the simple choices of this unnatural world that have a profound and very large influence on our spirit and our relationship with Christ! Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Ranger Theory!!!!…….

I have a dog that I get when it is just weaned from its mother, a puppy that knows virtually nothing. I spend as much time as I possibly can training and loving this puppy, teaching my Ranger to do all sorts of wonders; tricks and tasks that enriches both of our lives forever. We form a strong bond over the years, learning from each other and really enjoying the relationship and all that has occurred between us because of our commitment to each other. Some people find out what a wonderful relationship they can have with a dog. So now they know what a Ranger is, they desire their own Ranger so they too can have such a loving bond in their own life. What benefits them to start from scratch with their own puppy and learn to do all the tricks and tasks alone and at their own pace? Or to just get a book that tells what their Ranger can do? Without any bond or history of communication and true relationship. Possibly they will get their Ranger to do some minor tricks, yet they will never know the true Ranger and the Ranger will never know them as well either. Now replace the word “Ranger “with the word “SPIRIT “!

Knowing God and knowing you have a spirit is not the desired goal. Yes it is a very wonderful feeling to know you have a spirit and to know there is a God in your life. Yet what do you do to perfect this relationship or even develop it to see just how far you can go? I mean how about worshiping Jesus to get as close as you can to God and really know the Holy Spirit in your day to day life? Also what simple choices do you make that either slow down or even prevent you from experiencing this relationship? Could you ever train Ranger to do anything at all if the dog was tied to a tree 24/7? What if you were abusive and did terrible things to the dog? Would the dog want to be with you or just want to ignore you? If Ranger saw you yelling and screaming and being crazy to others would your Ranger want you to stay away due to your behavior towards others? Absolutely your Ranger would want to avoid you and would not be interested in any type of bond or relationship under such circumstances.

Then why would God –Jesus – The Holy Spirit desire to be with you or give you any grace if you willing make simple choices that push that grace away? That thoughts and feelings with real actions can make a very big impact on your spirit and your relationship with Christ! It seems to be missed by so many people these days. Some people are under the assumption that if you know you have a spirit, you know there is a God, that is all you have to do and the rest is not really necessary at all. Well let’s go back to Ranger for a moment. If you get a puppy and know the puppy is yours? Is that really all there is to having a puppy around? Is that enough to enjoy the puppy and to really have fun with it or bond with it? NO!

Then why would it be enough for your spirit and your relationship with God? It is not even close to being enough, not even being close to actually having a relationship with God. Plus what if you feed another’s Ranger bad snacks? Or you kick their Ranger; possibly you try to influence the training and Relationship of their own Ranger instead of focusing on your Ranger? Now you are ignoring your own dog to interfere with someone else’s dog. Both your dog and their dog suffer for your cruelty and interfering ways. So now one more time let’s replace Ranger with the word Spirit. Your actions and the things you do and say can not only affect your own spirit and relationship with God. You can actually negatively affect someone else’s relationship with their spirit and God as well as your own negative actions will affect your relationship with God!

Acknowledging that you are a spirit being and that God loves you is a very wonderful thing. Yet it just literally opens the door to your maturity as a Christian. Through prayer and meditation, through knowledge and putting into practice what you learn. Only then can you really have the bond I am writing about. A relationship that is yours and yours alone! Every person young or old must realize they have their own spirit and need to focus on that and only that. Sure you can spread the word of God and you are suppose to do just that, yet each person has to make a simple choice to open their heart and minds to the word and love of God’s grace. This is something that cannot be pushed down someone’s throat, or a person can be made to believe! A person must have a genuine desire to cultivate such a relationship. A simple choice to have a relationship and be born again in the grace of God!

Do you really think anyone could just drop off a puppy at someone’s house and they would accept it? They might just ignore it and do nothing to bond to it or to love it. They may acknowledge it; they may even learn to like it. Yet they will never be as close to it as you can be with your own RANGER that you make a simple choice to be a part of each other’s life! Take a moment and reflect on your own spirit and what type or do you even have a relationship with God? The Abiding Presence Internet radio show is right here to help you if you make a simple choice to explore your own spirit and seek Gods grace…

BY – The – WAY… D O G spelled backwards spells GOD! … Enjoy your Ranger may your bond never waver.

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