BJ Rickard 12-7-11

The most interesting thing that I personally have experienced since being saved besides my prayers working and being answered, is the fact so many do not enjoy or actually take advantage of “ GRACE “ !

“ GRACE “ = The love and favor of God towards man………………… So says my dictionary…

What is “ GRACE “to you? Is it no pain? No suffering? A puppy playing? A new born child? Or perhaps that winning lottery ticket? Possibly that perfect sunset in the arms of a lover???…

I am not completely convinced that “ GRACE “is supposed to be defined the same by all or that it should be the same definition by all! The relationship between an individual and Christ is meant to be very private and as personal as your own relationship with your own children or your relationship with your own parents… We are children of God and made in his image. So does it not stand the test of time that we all should enjoy and revel in our fathers “ GRACE “?? Remember this??? “ GRACE “= The love and favor of God towards man….. “ THE LOVE AND FAVOR OF GOD TOWARDS MAN “ ………..

I do not understand why so many hold onto their faith and belief in in Jesus and do not enjoy “ GRACE “? They act like it is a china doll that can break or be stolen. Some hold onto the relationship they have with their father like grabbing a pillow and holding it so tight as to never let anyone use it or touch it… To covet it and cherish it yet never doing nothing with it except just that!!! Think about this for a moment if you would please… You have a pillow that is in your home… You carry it where ever you go. You never are without it or never would think of putting it down or leaving it to just sit around the house. So you hold on tight, clutch it and squeeze so tight to make sure everyone in the entire world can see how special this pillow is to you. You brag about your pillow and try to make sure everyone you meet or know, can see with easy ability that this pillow is special and all yours!! A very special pillow and one that is not to be used or taken for granted… Does that sound strange to you? Selfish or possibly narrow minded? If this pillow is as you say and believe it to be, why then not share it or let others enjoy it? Especially if they have no pillow of their own to enjoy and to provide them with comfort, comfort only this particular type of pillow can provide a person…

Consider your belief in Christ? Your faith in “ GRACE “, why hold it close and not share it… Yes!!,.. testify to its power and show through example “ GRACES” unusual abilities and power… Why not try this? Consider your faith and ability to believe in God’s “ GRACE “as a pillow??? Instead of holding it close and bragging about it and not ever sharing it with anyone… Do just the opposite with your pillow!

Take and throw it to a homeless person who just wants loose change. Toss it to the friend or neighbor who just requires a moment of your day and a sympathetic ear. Allow a stranger to not just see your pillow, let them touch it, smell it and even hold it for them to enjoy its special ability to make all feel comfortable who ever for a brief moment recognize its existence. When you come across an injured animal or a person in pain, perhaps an issue or situation of dramatic proportions… Grab your pillow firmly and swing it with all your power and hit them with all you have … Like the most animated and best pillow fight you have ever been involved in!! Literally beating them with your pillow!!! To show how your pillow is invincible and can do no wrong and never does anything but what is the most loving and never ending boundless ability to display “ GRACE “… Your pillow is a pillow of “GRACE “ , a pillow that never wears out ! A pillow for all occasions and has the ability to change and fit every décor and occasion.. A pillow that is always there and can provide what comfort or support that is required, even without being asked or convinced to do anything at all… All who see it or know of its power and availability can use this pillow… Plus they can enjoy what you do with their own pillow!!! Now that my friends is “ GRACE “!!

Think of the responsibility and availability of the Holy Spirit to replace your pillow in your hands before the pillow you decide to throw even leaves your hand. Once you start throwing pillows around you find that the Holy Spirit appears to be in the pillow manufacturing business!! As fast as you can throw your pillow even more appear for you to throw and toss and beat people senseless with!! Does this not sound like more fun than just holding your pillow so tightly and protecting it so desperately that your own arms are unavailable to offer a hug to a stranger . Or even listen to a friend tell of problems in their own life because your arms are too busy and committed to holding your pillow you never can reach out to anyone… Your ears cannot hear any cries of help because you are too busy telling all who will listen how special your pillow is… Is that really the “ GRACE “of Christ? Or perhaps is that the difference between doctrine and a building and the difference between Gospel and a church?? The two do nothing but contradict each other and only one can truly provide any type of comfort or solace to anyone…

My fellow pillow fighters!! May this pillow thrower and proud pillow pounder make a small suggestion to you? Try using your pillow and see how many the Holy Spirit provides and how the pillow you once did nothing with, now does everything that you can possibly create for it to do… Jack up a car in a rain storm; shove the pillow right under the frame of the car! Take your pillow in the grocery store and beat the up everyone’s shopping cart! Stop at an accident and ask if you can provide your pillow for people to sit on since their car seat is gone. Throw your pillow in a nearby lake and forest to help the wild life to enjoy your pillow and play with it. Show someone just how fast the Holy Spirit can make pillows and distribute them everywhere for everyone… Be a pillow user not just a pillow worshiper!!

Actually any pillow can work, possibly “GRACE “is not the actually pillow at all?? Maybe we all should consider “ GRACE “is the endless / boundless coating of “Christian Scotch Guard “ Provided by Christ for us all… I can make a very compelling argument that “ ALL STAINS ARE FORGIVEN “ !!!!!…..

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