BJ Rickard 10-26-11

If you were to ask most individuals over the age of 12 years of age, despite their actual location on this most unnatural of worlds. Then also take into consideration any and all spiritual and religious practices and beliefs they might be a part of or believe in. Close to all have some type of an idea and parameters as to what is good and what is evil.  “Sin“ or some type of “GRACE“ as far as a person’s behavior and thought process goes does have a definite and everlasting impression in all. Murder and mayhem, along with adultery, thievery and of course lies!! Each culture and every language have some type of poor choices and behavior that are looked upon as wrong and hurtful by all concerned…

Why then does the modern “ CHRISTAIN MAN & WOMAN “ suffer from such a confused position to presume that sin and Grace can be manipulated and actually be justified and rationalized as for their application to choices and behavior ?? Where in the Bible or any scripture does the absoluteness of Christ’s love and teachings display or convey that there is room for interpretations and adjustments for each individual’s personal life choices and events? I have found no such book, chapter, or verse that conveys that we as spirits trapped in a body of flesh. That resides in the most unnatural of worlds have such luxuries and abilities to adjust the word of God to suit our own needs and wants… Once you actually read this last sentence or say it. You really get an idea just how far of the mark we as a society and civilization have chosen to go away from Christ..!!

The simplest of choices or everyday decisions make our spirit either be closer or farther from God’s Grace and presence in our life… To steal or not! To love or to hate! To believe or believe nothing at all! The greatest act of Christ’s power is not to make mountains and create unimaginable beauty and heal all who ask. The true power and example of the Lord’s ability and power is to sit by and watch a child made in his likeness do so much pain and damage to their own spirit and others. To see your child made in your own likeness to turn away and do such ridiculous things. Yet at a blink of an eye or the shear moment of this child gone astray to consider their Father’s love is all it takes to fix all and do all!! Is the true testament to love – forgiveness – unlimited abilities and power!! That is JESUS CHRIST !!!!

So now take a small choice or event. Every time you choose other than as a child of God. You are just a small “ click “away from the Holy Spirit. Think of a clock, that not every day or not every hour, not even every minute counts! It is the briefest of that one second “click “that determines everything from Grace to sin! Yes seconds! Each little choice or thought can be enough of a distraction to set you on a course of either going in the completely wrong direction or a parallel course away from or with God.. You may be completely unaware of this action that carries you away from God. Possibly you are being led astray by one of many buildings that display their beliefs by how much money you must contribute to be a participant in and to benefit by prayer. Or perhaps Family tradition or your own poor choices and inability to choose wisely, cause you to be just one simple little “click” away from the true ability for your spirit to be with Jesus

Or think of a compass, you think you are following straight north. Yet your needle is just one needle thickness away from true north. Each step you take sends you on a path farther away from your need to walk towards true north. You pause and every once in a while you glance at your compass to see the needle. You get tired of always checking to make sure your path is one of true and correct steps. So you decide that as long as the compass needle is “ close “to north you will get there… Yet every step is a path that eventually puts you miles and miles off course! Then you have no real idea or direction of what north really is. So you just resign yourself to walk the path you created and choose to believe it is the right one for you. That to change direction would be futile and serve no real purpose but to be an example to your own poor choices and bad use of a compass. One little “click “ once again has compounded itself into a massive misdirection and a journey that takes your spirit far – far away from God and the ability to go “ HOME “.. One simple choice, one simple action that is just one small single little “click” just seems so unimportant. To be of any real consequence to Christ ! Yet we are just a small particle in the eye of a loving Farther who sees all, knows all, and loves all! All sins are forgiven and all can be redeemed and salvation belongs to all who seek it and desire its wonderful bounty.

So realizing that you’re simplest of choices those small thoughts that distract you. Take your mind on a little journey that is anything but Christ like. A very little adjustment in your heart to be angry or hate, to be jealous of someone’s good fortune. To want more than what is needed, to act out of malice and not friendship and love. To hurt someone because you are hurting. To raise your fist in anger and contempt instead of reaching your hand out in friendship and respect. The ability to punish a pet yet make sure no man punishes you. All and so many more are just little “clicks” that take us all off course and away from God and his love and grace!  Consider how these little small simple “clicks” add up to be a great divide between you and your spirit being with other spirits and enjoying God’s love and Grace. The ability for a clock to loose seconds each minute or hour, do add up eventually to not even providing the correct time of day. Or possibly loosing so many little seconds that it is not on the same day!

For a compass to continually be off course that every mile you travel is one more needle thickness off true north. If you do the math. Let’s not forget that “ GOD LIKES MATH “ !!! If you continually loose a compass needle thickness long enough and consistently enough. You will actually be traveling backwards headed south thinking you are still going north!! How sad would that be to participate in such an endless journey of misery and never knowing God or his spirit world? To travel aimlessly around this unnatural world with only your own misguided compass and a watch that has no real idea of the correct time. So you have no idea what time it actually is, you are clueless to where you are walking. How sad and truly frightening of a life that is or can be for us all…

Now all you have to do is ask! Am I on a wrong path? Is this the wrong time? Can you help me to see and go the right way? ….. Every “ click “ off course can be completely erased and forgiven with just one really small and loving “ click “ by Christ….  “ Ladies and Gentleman, this is the CLICK THEORY “………

Writing this is a nice simple little positive “click “ for me….

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