BJ RICKARD 10-19-11

How does a person ever really know if the building or church they go to is the one that will actually enhance and promote their desire to be with Christ?? Now factor in how do they know if the person standing up front at the pulpit is genuine or just some self serving trickster out for self gratification and a fast buck? Unfortunately more people than not do not even know to ask such questions let alone seek an answer… Think about what I am saying here! You are being fooled and led astray without your knowledge or consent. You are just doing, living and experiencing what your entire family and social structure have for many years. Even many- many generations fall prey to this basic set of circumstances.

Many years ago while in college I went to the international airport in my part of the country because of a local news story about rabbits on the run ways were freaking jet plane passengers out!! Must admit that does sound very amusing… Here you are ready to blast off and as the plane is going hundreds of miles an hour just before the wheels leave the run way surface you look out your plane window to see a bunch of cute little bunnies scrambling for cover!! Of course your thoughts would be of total devastation and rabbit parts everywhere from being crushed by wheels to being instantly cooked by jet engine blasts!!

All very real concerns yet like most of God’s creatures, when man decides to build or construct something for the convenience of man, God’s creatures pay the ultimate price for such useless progress… After generations and generations of living and breeding in the large grass fields that boarder and crisscross America’s largest airports, rabbits have learned to adapt and learn that even though they exist in a hostile environment and nothing about it is like a forest with streams and peace and tranquility, their shear life is nothing but turmoil and noise! To be born and think that you must always dodge danger and to hear nothing but over whelming screams of pain and noise caused by unnatural of forces is by definition so utterly wrong and unnatural of worlds to be a part of…

These soft little creatures have adapted to their terrible environment systematically through hearing loss to actually being born without the ability to hear!! Yes airport run way rabbits have no ability to hear at all!! The tiny bones inside the inner ear that allow all mammals to hear are not there any longer! Why have something that is not needed and can only cause pain if you try to use it? So through natural selection and a harsh environment rabbits learned not to hear at all… As my Grandmother would say in such a case as this, “the rabbits are deaf as a fence post “!!

On a personal note:.. I sure miss my Grandparents.. If there is any good in me or about me, it is a testament to their love and teachings on how to be a Horseman and a man..

So now you have generation after generation of rabbits being born without the ability to hear. Yet still having those all so recognizable rabbit ears! Apparently man’s influence of a negative nature has limited effects on God’s creatures! The body has not changed only a small part to make life bearable! Yet the ears are there and look and act just perfect. So what happens if the planes stop or the airport stops being used? Eventually the rabbits will again be born with the ability to hear and the ear will be as God intended it to be.

Now;.. Consider yourself for a brief moment in time… Unless you ask or enquire about where you worship, who you choose to follow and the rules along with the pageantry. The quest for you to give and give more money for salvation and God’s grace seems to be paramount. Who is being served?  You? Christ? Or the building and trickster who claim they are of God and that building is a church?? After generation and generation of births and baptisms, weddings, then funerals what is a normal Christian to think of where they worship and what they have been led to believe? Without knowing or even having a say in the doctrine or philosophy, it is ingrained and they are born, then live and eventually die thinking something is reality. When in fact it is not that at all. Sounds just like a rabbit living in a runway grass boarder who thinks that is all there is and hearing is unknown to them even though they have ears.

Consider this, why do you have a spirit and are a spirit being yet live in the flesh and believe everything of this unnatural world instead of the real natural spirit world of Christ? Are you a bunny with ears yet no ability to hear? Do you live at an airport runway thinking it is the forest? That is not your fault, yet it is your responsibility to question and to seek the real message of Christ and not just hear the words, enjoy them and live with them in your heart!

Then you will hear what you were always intended to hear,.. your Father’s voice..

The voice of God……………..

So now apply this “RUNWAY BUNNY THEORY“ to your life and that of your friends and family… Where are you spiritually? Can you even hear God? Are you even in a mental and spiritual place to consider hearing Jesus?  Are you accepting your environment because it is all you know? Or possibly because of generation after generation have believed it, and worship according to some false doctrine? Only you can answer this or yet actually only you can ask such a serious question about what you perceive to be Christianity and your world and life. You may not like the question; you will at first truly hate the answer.

Through time and enlightenment you will hear and realize that if not for questions you would not have found answers. For without answers you have no knowledge to even understand that there is something to seek and listen to… Ladies and Gentleman,.. This is the “RUNWAY BUNNY THEORY “

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