BJ Rickard 8-14-11

One of the most interesting and now that I have been saved most profound statements I have ever heard is this one. “The greatest trick the devil ever has done is make people think he does not exist”

Really makes you think does it not? Take a moment and reread it, it is right above here………………….

When we were children just learning to walk and talk, we would just touch and get into everything we could get our little hands on! We had no idea of what was hot and would burn our fingers or be sharp and cut us. We would put anything in our mouths, paste-dirt anything; if it fit in it would go! As we matured and was shown what was dangerous and would hurt us, it became know to us to avoid such things. There was no fun or value to expose ourselves to such things that we knew would make us feel pain. Well unless you know who and what negative energy is and how playing into it can adversely affect your spirit and relationship with Christ. How is a person suppose to grow and mature spiritually to have a wonderful relationship with God?

“Negative energy”, the devil, satan, demon, evil spirit, and enemy, all refer to one thing and one thing only! The transfer of a person’s thoughts from positive loving thinking, to some sort of thoughts or actions that have absolutely no redeeming qualities to them. Anything thought of or action that is negative and will have nothing but negative reactions and results when recognized or implemented. My traditional Kings James Bible has a dictionary in the back of it; the Bible says this about negative energy.

devil >… “The spirit or personification of evil, sometimes called satan”……. Enough said…

I WILL NOT > give such negative energy any credit or even respect! I will never call it by a name or when writing for this site will I never capitalize any name or reference to such weak and negative energy! To do so is in itself is a type of acknowledgment. God has forgiven us for all our sins! The blood of his son Jesus washed away such perils and we have God’s grace eternally because it. Negative energy is not something of power; the scriptures have shown us that negative energy has no power over us. No real abilities or way to control us at all. Then what must we conclude from such teachings and writings?

If we do come across such negative energy or something that is of an ungodly nature or form. Then since negative energy cannot on its own manifest such instants, then the only conclusion left is that we ourselves have made a simple choice to participate in it or to acknowledge its tangibility and existence. Negative energy can be created anywhere and anytime. It really does not take much effort to be lured into many types of situations and frames of your mind to allow yourself to participate and fall prey to negative energy. Since “negative energy” has no power or real ability to do anything at all on its own. We must come to the conclusion without our own individual participation negative energy is doomed to never be present in our lives. I could explain this forever using all sorts of examples and reasons for being aware of such pitfalls that can block your prayers and keep your true self, your spirit from being with God. That in itself to me is giving negative energy to much attention and credit. I instead am going to list just a few words that conjure up such energy. Along with your participation with the Internet   Radio Show this will do just fine…..

greed, anger, hate, vanity, ego, pride, gluttony, selfish, petty, jealousy, envy, covet, rage, violence, theft, lies, revenge, judging, cruelty, despise, abusive, cold hearted, sneaky, rumors, unforgiving, loveless, etc.

Webster’s New World Dictionary.. “sin” > 1. The willful breaking of religious or moral law 2. any offense or fault, to commit a sin..

“Sounds just like negative energy to me “, nothing that is positive or is of GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT.

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