Webster’s New World Dictionary > Has this to say about the word   “ THEORIES “…..

From the Greek word “ theorein”, to view  1.a speculative plan  2. a formulation of underlying principles of certain observed  phenomenon which has been verified to some degree  3. the principles of an art or science rather than its practice  4. a conjecture; guess    ……. Wow!! …. OK???…………

After deciding to develop a radio show patterned on scripture and believing in the grace of God, witnessing prayers being answered with the authority of Jesus, watching the Holy Spirit taking the grace and love of God and delivering healing after healing, you start to have questions as to the truth and facts surrounding certain theories and unnatural worldly traditional doctrine on just how to pray. Also exactly how a person should pray for results in their lives. Just writing about this seems such a daunting task let alone something that can be navigated by a person who is hurting or in need of life changing counsel. Sometimes a new and separate point of view can be very enlightening along with assisting in learning something new. The following writings are offered by those who have come upon ways to view Gods grace and love in a way that can be of help to those who find themselves in a confused or dismayed state…. Who are just looking for information and enlightenment……

The theories / letters on this page are an individual’s expression of how God’s grace has connected to that person’s spirit. How this love and grace are perceived and put into practice in this most unnatural of worlds. THE ABIIDNG PRESENCE web site and Internet radio show do not edit or judge these theories, that every person has their own unique relationship with God. In doing so this lends itself to a variety of individual theories that are submitted for your enjoyment and for you to see the power of God’s grace working in others.

Jim Hockaday 8-17-11

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