The Vision of Jim Hockaday Ministries is to teach, preach, and demonstrate the living word so that people can not only believe and receive the Word, but also develop a consciousness of who God is and who they are In Christ; to establish believers in the truth of God’s Word so that their lives will manifest the Power of God working in them.

Our vision for this Ministry is to explore and develop the greatest purpose for which our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth. To say that Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost would be accurate. However, were we to explore that thought, you will find a depth or purpose the world has yet to understand. Now this is the revelation that Jesus said he would build his church upon, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…Not just to say that Jesus is the Christ – the Son of the living God, but to reveal the truth that God’s intention was, and is, to come into the heart of man and live in a human body. Yes, God desires to have a family – He longs to love you and bless you and see you develop in Christ until He can manifest Himself through you to the world so all will see the love of God and come to know Him as the One true and only God.

Do you know what would happen if individuals—sons of God—learned to effectively manifest God’s glory and thereby prove God’s faithfulness and love? They could turn this world upside down once again!

My personal vision is to remain faithful to the many churches here in the USA and around the world that desire for me to come and share what God has supplied to me. I will continue to lift up a standard so that the ministry of Jesus can be captured through the Word and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Today’s church struggles with an identity crisis; she desperately needs to find out who she is and what she can do. This cannot be done through teaching alone! There must be a demonstration of the Spirit that will magnify the dominion of Christ in the man or woman of God—who understands both the heart of man and the heart of God. Jesus is still the answer – and the work of the Holy Spirit is still the way to deliver the masses of humanity, both believers and unbelievers, who desperately need help.


We are living in the most amazing time in the history of man! Daily the prophetic word of God comes alive. Not everyone can go to the nations, but there is something we can do; “go, pray or pay.” We’ve been to Mexico numerous times and churches in Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Zurich, Switzerland.

Internet technology has exploded the opportunities for ministry. Recently I recorded the Miraculous Gospel of John for translation in the Farsi language. These lessons are being taught in the Arab countries through Nejat TV and Internet ministry of Pastor Reza Safa, formally of Tulsa OK. Another exciting opportunity is in the release via internet of the translation of Until I Come in Hebrew, being made available to believers with limited English so they can better understand the message of the book—doing the works of Jesus.

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