BJ Rickard 10-30-11

The interesting thing about “ WORDS “ is how much value and tangibility that people put into the word, and not the meaning or actual use of the letters and sounds it takes to develop the sound that comes out of a person’s mouth.. Words mean so many separate and distinct things to, so many types of people and situations… English or Spanish or French does not necessarily make a word powerful or make its individual meaning be universal l! Some countries and even some entire civilizations have words that do not transcend to other languages or have any meaning good or bad anywhere but where the word is spoken and recognized as something tangible… Now consider how a word can change through the evolution and forward progress of time and generational growth of a particular country or civilization.

In the United States, we have so many words and phrases that have over time and the modernization and evolution of this country have been distorted and completely manipulated into entire new meanings and definitions. Sometimes the change is prompted by children, or perhaps regional slang to our own type of “ ENGLISH “  … The English used in the U.S. is so much different than the English used in Great Britain , or the English used in Australia. Now interject other countries and regional languages. So much variances and completely new and separate meanings… Some words in the U.S. will be an insult or something to make a person’s blood boil. Yet will have a completely other meaning somewhere else in the unnatural world where the same word spelled the same pronounced the same means something entirely different than in the U.S.

Apply these hard truths and facts to “ GOD’S WORDS “  or “ THE BIBLE “ ???? How easily through the ages the writing and re-writing and editing of the Bible could have been distorted and words changed at that particular time of man’s evolution and time period.. Consider your own life? Think back to your childhood when listening to your Grand Parents speak and use of words. To the words and slang you yourself used in High school! Now you’re an adult, consider your vocabulary compared to that of someone around 12 to 18 years of age? Factor in that we are just discussing 3 generations over about 30 to 50 years!! Now take this and calculate over 2,000 years and so many different languages and civilizations and all the countries that add up to and encompass???  Is there a chance for change and manipulation of a single words meaning and value????

Now that I have your attention and your mind is on the subject of this very interesting and thought provoking subject… I will give a few very interesting uses of words and how over time and man’s ability to really screw things up for no reason at all… You will take words more seriously and possibly give certain words no care or concern at all! Others may become so valuable that you will cherish the sound of them being spoken…. I will start with some. Let’s say “innocent “words that seem so simple and should not cause any confusion or damage in their usage… Yet they are just words and all words are capable of separate meanings and even good or bad usage and interpretation by many people in many countries!! With no real reason other than the world is very capable of confusion and distorting everyone and everything… Only Christ spirit world is without such drama and confusion …

 BOOT > In this the U.S. = type of shoe > England it is the storage area or trunk of a vehicle..

STRAPPED > In the U.S. = carrying a gun > 20 years ago tied down or secured with straps..

COOL > In the U.S. = nice / fancy > 50 years ago something that is not hot or warm in temperature..

CHILLING > In the U.S. = relaxing moment > 50 years ago allowing something to be cooled down ..

GAY > In the U.S. = same sex partners > 60 years ago you are in a nice happy mood having fun..

QUEERE > In the U.S. = something wrong or peculiar/ odd > Now “ gay “ same sex lovers..

BOOKED > In the U.S. = arrested by police > 100 years ago , saved and reading the Bible..

The above simple words are so distorted and taken out of their original meaning and made to become something else with unusually negative energy meanings and purposes..  This is man’s doing not the power of Christ or negative energy.. This is someone’s idea of a good thing to do …

This is a factual and true instance of how man’s distortion and basic meanness for his fellow man make something so simple, and even helpful into an insult .Then eventually over the evolution of man and the advancement of civilization turns a word into one of the most worldwide used words that embarrass some. Others it brings it to mean insults and even to violence over something so long ago was made       ” right ” by one man then made ” wrong” by another man…  To what purpose or to what end does word manipulation takes place ??

The manipulation and changing of words is never more prevalent than in the word of God.. Asking for money so a team of strangers will pray for you.. To require an offering to furnish a building with items and goods that have nothing to do with salvation or helping a lost spirit to be close to God ! To take words and write books and songs that lift up a particular type of belief or building instead of proclaim in Jesus sacrifices and the word of God as love and never ending grace available to all.. To actually take scripture and change it and distort with the sole purpose of personal gain and to exalt themselves instead of Chris t, never in history has so much word manipulation and distortion been taking place..

The use of electricity and television, radio, telephones, the Internet… All these man made devices are the help that negative thoughts and energy need to produce innocent words into hateful and manipulative dangerous sentences and massages!!! The true power of a word is not the word it self ,.. or the way it is spelled .. The power does not come from it’ meaning either.. The true power of a word is the intent to convey a particular message or point of view by the person speaking the word.. To produce a certain feeling or response in a person hearing or reading the word… That ladies And Gentleman is the power of a word.. The power of God is not the words in the Bible,.. It is the unlimited and boundless power of the everlasting spirit behind the words that is the power..

Perhaps that is the definition between “Doctrine “and “Spiritual “interpretation of the Bible?? One uses the words for the progress and manipulation of man.. The other uses the words for the progress and salvation of the spirit….

 See how I used simple innocent words to give you this letter for your consideration ???

How does my use of words make you think and feel  ???

How do your own use of words make others think and feel  ???

Choose wisely as to the use of words that you use and the message you choose to convey….

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