BJ Rickard 9-26-11

It must be strange to be a trout or a salmon? To every year go back to where you come from. Think about it to actually be born and venture out into the world, only to return home upstream to die. I am sure on some fish type of reality and realm these two species of fish are looked upon with some ridicule and amusement. How silly to try so hard and believe in so much as to make a drastic change to go home! Of all the places you can travel, to make the ultimate sacrifice to just go home? Even to a more intelligent species as man. This swimming upstream and to return were you came from seems a bit dramatic and also has a very small amount of futility in it.

Is the plight of man not as this? Do we not try to strive to go home? Do we not once the world seems to leave us vacant, do we not want to find what seems to be lost? Are we not trying to become closer to Christ and have a wonderful relationship that brings us comfort and joy? It is by definition a type of traveling home. Home being where are Father is, Home being where are soul belongs. Home is where the heart is! Interestingly enough is that particular saying…

“HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS “ ????? Home is where my heart is???? Home??…. Heart >????

Could it be that if our hearts are in this most unnatural of worlds, we are denied the ability to go home to God? By now after reading all of the “Theories” and “For Your Considerations” that I have penned along with being on the radio show with Jim. You are fully aware of what and where unnatural and natural starts and ends. The most basic of basic philosophies I stand by! That this world of strife and sin is the unnatural of worlds and the love and grace of Christ is the most natural of worlds! As the good book states in many places and in many ways,

“NOTHING OF THIS WORLD IS GOOD “! Nothing??? Are spirits are of God’s world! Not this world.

Now take yourself and apply it to the fish that swim against the current to go home! Despite what everyone else is doing or saying, you know in your heart that this world is not fulfilling your spirits hunger for the righteousness of Jesus! There are so many times in your life when everything and everyone does nothing for the emptiness you feel deep inside of your core. That core is the spirit aching to be with Christ and enjoy the Father’s grace. You can only find such divine love by swimming against the current of this world. Be different! Do as your heart guided you. Not what others are doing or choosing for themselves.

You know now that your trip home is not easy! It may be simple yet not easy! You must let go of everything of this world and to travel alone to go to the Home of your true maker and King. It is all that is on your mind and in your heart? Once you have it in your heart, the mind has no choice but to focus with the heart and spirit. This gives you the will power to achieve what so few ever even realize is there. Let alone actually try to enjoy it and to make it home… Go Home! Go Home right now!

Swim upstream against the current of sin and discontentment. Relax and put your fait and belief in the power of Te Holy Spirit to carry you all the way upstream Home! To be where you came from, remember we are made in his image and we can do greater works than his son! Do the greatest work of all!! Make a simple choice to buck the system, blank out all of those who make fun of your Christianity and your desire to be with God. Let no man or woman stand in your way from enjoying your Home. Stay the course and swim!! Swim as fast as you can. God’s grace will make your journey home seem effortless and very fast, all you have to do is choose to go the direction that is so profoundly opposite of everything about this most unnatural of worlds.. You will not be swimming alone! I and others along with The Holy Spirit will be beside you to enjoy the swim Home together…………

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