BJ Rickard 9-22-11

This question can only be answered by each and every one of you who take the time to read this particular letter and take this question into consideration! Although unfortunately part of the problem is with the ability of the Bible and turning the scriptures into doctrine. It has become amazingly easy to fool so many centuries of Christians. I cannot stress enough the aptitude of so many dishonest people to turn a building into a church. Along with taking a church and it reverting back to just a building without any help from the Holy Spirit or assistance of negative energy at all… It seems anyone can just manipulate what you would think is sacred, yet so many buildings that are vacant of any presence of Christ…These buildings are considered the only place that you can actually commune with Jesus! How sad it is that so many innocent children of God are led astray by so few…

Jesus had no specific location or structure that was designated as the official location to perform his father’s works and participate in the Holy Spirits actions. Jesus took the message of his Father to the people where they were. In fields, barns, stables, slaves doing their masters bidding. He required nothing of anyone except to open their heart and receive their makers love and grace. To make sure to take the time to give thanks for the true blessings in life! A place of shade in the summer, small places to block the harsh winds of winter, to provide enough to live on and possibly to give to those who have none. All of which took place and worked very effectively without the pageantry and circumstance of a building and dramatic proclamations as this is where God is!!!

How sadly perverse is it that so many buildings of all shapes and sizes over the many years have been constructed with the sole purpose of dividing people and showing exclusivity to Christ! I will grant you that scripture does refer to a church as a place to worship God and acknowledge his presence. Although most buildings are about financial gain along with the ability to provide a message of not grace but of obedience and guilt for a sinful life. What about any of those messages even sounds like a message of forgiveness and love? More a message of we know what we must do and say to manipulate your worship to meet the demands of our worldly agenda! Send your hard earned dollars so we can pray for you! Where in scripture does it say pay any tangible item at all, let alone of some value to prime the pump for a prayer to be performed and have any success of being answered by The Holy Spirit?

A “CHURCH “would never consider such an insult and ridiculous worldly lie. Yet a “building” can be whatever it needs to be for any purpose that its occupant’s desire. Unfortunately there are so many more buildings than churches at this time of man walking this earth! What is more tragic to Christ is not that so few design and execute such a worldly trick on fellow children of God. The true sadness to Jesus is the lack of recognition by so called worshipers and believers in the faith of God’s grace and love. There is always a basic fundamental responsibility by each child of God to take note of God’s handy work and testify of his love for us all. Then at the same time to recognize negative energy and false prophets and the doctrine as such, and then protect their own spirit from being distracted and focused other places than focused on the spirit of God! Any building is a church when a Christian crosses the threshold and begins worshiping God. Any church can become a building when God’s presence is over shadowed by greed and their own desire to covet a position of authority. To propel one’s self above their own station in Christ’s eyes to an exalted position of knowledge and social standing of their fellow Christians, is without a doubt one of the largest and oldest most effective road blocks that keeps a spirit from the spirit world.

To question whether a building is a church or a building is not wrong or a sin. It is not an insult to God! It is a proclamation that your spirit is seeking Gods grace and nothing else. You will not be deceived or taken advantage of from anyone. For if it truly is a church, what possible harm is there in answering that question. Is this a church or a building with yes! This is a church!! You have just testified to Gods glory and presence by stating it is a church. Now if the same question is asked? It is met with a question or long drawn out answer that is not direct and to the point. That structure must be nothing more than, a simple building full to the rafters with mislead Individuals! Take note fellow Christians and prepare yourself not for this question. Prepare yourself for the answer, for what shall you do and say if you know in your heart the answer is NO??? THIS IS NOT A CHURCH!!

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