BJ Rickard 8-22-11

The use of a ladder is to climb up it to achieve something that is without it virtually impossible to reach. To reach and grasp each rung of a ladder is to actually lift your entire body to a new level of distance from the ground below. While holding each higher rung with your hands, to then use your legs to take a step upwards. Once you start if you do not slow down or bother to stop momentarily to look down or to see what you can now see do to the new higher perspective. A person can actually really climb a ladder very quickly and most efficiently! I myself am very afraid of heights! Whether it is a small six foot ladder, or a high reaching extension ladder that has multiple ladders all connected to reach very high. I seldom find myself ever really climbing them very fast or even really to their full potential to provide me with the ability to see and reach which is otherwise unattainable while I am standing on the ground.

I believe there is a “SPIRITUAL LADDER “, a ladder that is constructed from the most holly of materials. A ladder that through the building of a relationship with Christ can be present 24/7 in an individual’s life, this ladder is made of the blood of Jesus washing away our sins. The grace of God to be with us always, the Holy Spirits love to be with us to put into action the thoughts and desires of our prayers. This ladder is as individual as our finger prints to each and every one of us. The ability to climb this ladder is equal and provided to all who choose to accept Christ as their redeemer and Father. This ladder through prayer and meditation can be the way a person climbs up from this most unnatural of worlds to be closer to God and his grace for each and every one of us.

Yet I believe there is a type of fear with this type of ladder. The fear that I suffer from is being up high and then looking down. This does pose a true limiter in my ability to achieve certain things that are only obtainable by climbing and reaching. The trimming of the tree branches, the positioning of the Christmas decorations and lights on buildings around the ranch. The cleaning of windows on the second floor of a home or barn, to me these appear to be so dangerous and something that I am not capable of doing. Then when someone on the ranch does these tasks with ease and with no consequences, I feel a bit foolish and also slightly less of a man than the people who I watched climb to heights that I ‘m not capable of. It may be the same with the “SPIRITUAL LADDER “? Do individuals perceive that there ladder is not capable of such heights as others? Or do they feel they do not have that connection with God to climb the ladder of grace? The rungs of this most precious of climbing devices are too far apart? To difficult to reach or grab a hold of?, the chance of reaching these rungs is only for those few who have earned it or who have spent a life time achieving such abilities to climb closer to Jesus?

Perhaps as a person reaches up to grasp the next rung, they stop and look around. Possibly they feel their own spiritual ladder is at its peak. They are high enough and can actually see and touch God in a way that others cannot. Or a person just has some sort of block that presents its self in a manner that prevents their personal ladder from achieving more than where they currently are… ?? Any type of stop or simple choice to not reach higher is so disappointing to God. To say your spiritual ladder has limits is to saw Christ has limits! To actually testify by your own fear of heights or to just stop reaching in a way is a testament to the grace of God to have a peak or limit! Which then means you can only go so far and only to a specific place in your relationship with God. There are no limits to God’s love and grace for us! Jesus does not acknowledge such a ladder that ends. If a person makes a simple choice to start climbing their spiritual ladder to become closer to God, the Holy Spirit will be right below you to make sure you never fall and never cannot reach and step higher when you so desire ! The Holy Spirit will always provide the power and love to make your desire to reach each rung that you extend your arms and heart to grasp not just possible but a true accomplishment! Once a person starts to climb, God will make you see that only you and this unnatural world can put a limit or peak to the rungs on your own ladder.  Every time you reach towards God he reaches out for you by providing a rung that will lift your spirit closer to him! After awhile you will climb faster and faster, unconsciously reaching for the next rung because God’s grace is with every step up that you take!

Just imagine reaching out for God and he is there for you to grab! Both hands feel the grace and love as you squeeze tightly to allow your legs to step up so you can grab again! Again and again you climb. Before long you have no desire to see what you have left behind or could see. Why? It would mean stopping and looking backwards and downwards, which you now know is why you are climbing in the first place. You have an inner desire to be closer to Christ and leave the unnatural world behind! Take a moment and think about your own “SPIRITUAL LADDER “. Do you have one? Does it have limitations? Are you stuck or fearful of the climb? I myself,… I may be unable to trim a tree or clean windows around the ranch. I can say with all certainty that I am climbing at the speed of light towards God. Every rung is closer and more appealing. As I grab I can feel the love and grace of Christ! Join me! We will climb together …………….. Something to consider as you check out your OWN “SPIRITUAL LADDER ‘

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