BJ Rickard 8-12-11

There is a time in everyone’s life when there are things that come across a person’s memory. Hopefully it is of times that have gone by and were fun and you wish you could be right back there again to re-live such a precious memory. Although that sounds great, usually such moments are rare in a person’s day to day thoughts. Most people find themselves reflecting on moments where they had been wrong. Or times gone by where they did and said things they wish they could take back or just completely forget that they even said and did such a sad – sad thing. “Do over’s” and “start over’s” stop as soon as an individual takes that first step off the school yard and playground into life. Once you are an adult no such luck or chance to do the things we regret over again. I myself would like to have such ability. It would make it easier to look in my bathroom mirror on several occasions through my life.

This being said, there is a much better system in place than “start over’s” and “do over’s”. Even better than the most famous of life momentary breaks, the infamous “timeout”!! All a person has to do is actually make a simple choice to rely on the Bible and realize it does work. God does forgive our sins, large or small is not measured or kept track of. Sin is sin and forgiveness is forgiveness for all that is sin. God sacrificed his son for the sole purpose of using Jesus blood to wash away from us what we put upon ourselves otherwise known as sin. What a wonderful gift for a loving Father to a child. Why so many do not take this seriously or they even discount the validity of such a loving gift. May be the greatest of sins and regrets any man has ever committed! Thankfully I personally do not have to concern myself with such a salty thought or decision. By-the By,..Neither does anyone else. That is God’s judgment!

We all bare a very fundamental fiduciary responsibility to act a certain way. To speak and live our lives with a certain type of dignity and style, economic standing and color of one’s skin notwithstanding. These are not precursors to this scale of how a person moves through this unnatural of worlds we walk in. The scale is a very simple one that covers all and protects all! Just give yourself to Jesus, embrace God’s grace and recognize others as your brothers and sisters. Children of a very loving and limitless Father who loves all of us with immeasurable accuracy and boundless abilities. To forgive – to heal –to provide all that is needed, to answer all prayers and to welcome all His children “HOME” with grace and never ending love! Once you try this simple process, “do over’s “and “start over’s “along with “timeouts” will never be used let alone even considered.

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