Jim Hockaday 8-9-11

“I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will be with you always even unto the end of the age.” Jesus said this before He left for heaven!  Notice the words, “with you.” He is right here with me at this very moment.  But how can it be true if I can’t feel him or see him?  Do you ever wish it were easier to detect His presence?

Let me help you… Everything that God has done for us was always meant to be forever easy.  God’s love could not and would not make things difficult for us.  Reason why? His intention is for fellowship and relationship.  In our natural relationships we don’t try on purpose to play games with one another; to enjoy a bumpy ride in life.  No!  Love always edifies, lifts up, encourages a close communion with each other. God is no different.  He is not looking for a reason to exalt Himself over our intelligence or understanding.  He actually takes joy in meeting us where we are and developing a love relationship right there!  HIS abiding presence!

Beware… We have an adversary named Satan who will use the unnatural things of the world to distract us from the one and Only God.  Why?  Satan’s desire is to keep us from experiencing the joy of communing with God.

Guard your heart…Take a minute and meditate on this thought: The obvious is really the unnatural, right?  NO, a thousand times No!!!!!  Even though the unnatural world seems so real the obvious is God.  You are not a worldly being, you are a spirit being.  Know this that the greatest source of power and creativity in the earth is the spirit of man!  The influences out there that via for the potential of man’s spirit are God and Satan.  The choice is yours!  The smallest of choices you make will guarantee you a most certain outcome.  CHOOSE LIFE!!!

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