BJ Rickard 8-9-11

Why have you stopped believing ?

Why have you not considered there is more ?

Why have you lost your basic sense of right and wrong ?

Why have you decided to ignore my signs of love ?

Why have you pulled away from life ?

Why have you put so much into motion without seeing the outcome? Do you actually think your life does not matter or is not connected to others ?  Is short term superficial gratification more alluring than my love and grace? You once would not think of closing your eyes and laying your head on a pillow without acknowledging my presence in your life. Yet now that you have spent time in the world of discontent and constant turmoil , you have turned your attentions to folly and pain. The feeling of emptiness and the look in your eyes of a person lost. Does this face in the mirror not bring you to a point of such profound dissatisfaction that you yearn for something more pleasing to the heart? Or have you opened your mind to the worlds simple pleasures, which always closes your spirit to the most simple and most important connection for all. Your actions cause such pain to your heart along with those that you come in contact with. Unfortunately I do not know you any longer. Your choices have cast our connection to the wind like a dried leaf who looses it’s attachment to the tree that grew it. Once the connection is is broken the single dried leaf is left to be carried where ever the cold winds of winter send it. Yet it would seem that there are many such leaves. Yet in reality they each bare the same mark of no eternal life and are truly disconnected from their maker. Each is truly alone and cast out beyond redemption.

Yet your fate is still not so bleak as these fallen leaves, since you are my child I will open my heart and hands to welcome you home. I wait patiently for this time… Although I witness your simple choices that continue to prevent such a glorious and most natural of reunions. I stand stead fast to make sure that I am here for you when you recognize that we are no longer together. I fear such a time of love will pass like so many leaves being carried by the winds of winter. For the tree of life never allows for its leaves to be vulnerable to such frigid temperatures and bitter winds as the world provides you at this time.

Why have you chose to be such a lonely lifeless leaf ???? To be set adrift in a world that has nothing to offer the spirit but emotional turmoil and heart ache? The longer you are carried by such winds, the easier it becomes for us to forget we were ever connected. Yet you will always be welcome to thrive and be attached to the tree that you have left behind. Ask and it will be granted, open your heart and I will fill it with love. Along with all that is needed and wanted by the spirit that is bound inside you by your simple choices of worldly things and desires…

Why have you not asked for my grace and love ??…………..Why have you my child adrift ??

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