BJ Rickard 8-9-11

When things go wrong, unfortunately most people just say “it’s only natural “! Natural, what is natural? Death, sickness, disease, violence, lies, thievery, calamity, actually everything and anything bad, does seem to fall under the category of “natural “! Yet what if you look at this world from the point of view of Christ? A view of this world by the “spirit “of a man how much different can that be than most people’s view of the world? How much of this world and the tragedy in it are really natural? If a person was to spend much time reading the Bible and coming to terms with God’s grace. This world is anything but natural; it is this world that is unnatural!

“UNATURAL “??? Sure think about this for a moment. Natural should be pleasant and comforting and a place of peace and harmony. Natural should be something that is so a part of you, that not to have it or to be experiencing it would be unfamiliar territory. Yet for some reason society has become so distorted that life and this world with all the trouble and heart ache is now considered to be natural. Yet a place or experience that leaves you wanting for nothing because of the shear love and peace of it is considered the unnatural realm.

Truly think about this, naturally Jesus died for our sins. God’s grace naturally is for all to enjoy and benefit from. Naturally The Holy Spirit is watching over all of us. To protect us and to answer our prayers. Well that sure sounds more natural than this world does. Maybe you might consider changing your vocabulary around just a bit? Just enough to dismiss the world’s drama and problems as unnatural. Then in the same instant, start to look at God’s grace and love as the natural place for all of his children to be.  Sounds natural, makes sense, obviously it naturally would!

As for the “SUPERNATURAL “!!! We have the “unnatural” world of the flesh and of man’s troubles and sins. Then we have God’s love and grace for his children as the “natural” world. Obviously by now, you must consider that “supernatural “is a phrase or term that no longer applies to those of you who make a simple choice to see this world from a spirits point of view. Instead of a sinful mans point of view. When God and Jesus along with the Holy Spirit are in your life. Nothing is too big or too difficult to deal with. Since God has no limits or boundaries, naturally all is possible with His grace and love for us all! Sounds natural and the way this world and your life are suppose to be.  So supernatural is a term that does not need mentioning ever again when thinking of Jesus or praying to God!

“NATURAL “= God’s love and grace, everything that is of the spirit and of Heaven!

“UNNATURAL “= everything of this world and of the flesh and not of CHRIST!

“SUPERNATURAL”= Nothing and no place, just a word to make people think God’s love is not for all!

Just something for you to consider.

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