For your consideration is exactly what that phrase means On this page of THE ABIDING PRESENCE web site. You will find letters and messages that may give you insight, or give you a perspective that you could find helpful in your quest for a closer relationship with God.  This particular area of this web site offers the ability for certain individuals associated with this site, and the Internet radio show to pass along information and insight they feel may be informative to others. Take a moment to read these letters, then reflect on the perspective given and see if they can be of assistance to you. Although there are no names offered to authorship of these letters. Each and every letter is written by someone who has personal knowledge and experience with prayers being answered along with testimonies of the glorious power and grace of God to heal. These are offered to you not as mysterious notes, but as one Christian simply sharing the grace of God to another. Offering all who read these letters to enjoy the love of Jesus along with, the ability to know of the Holy Spirits endless vigilance to be with you always in your life.

The letters that you will find on this page are of each person’s separate and individual perspective and philosophical idea, on their own relationship with Christ. THE ABIDING PRESENCE web site and Radio Show do not judge or edit these letters. We believe that each of us have our own separate and unique relationship with God. In doing so this lends itself to individual and separate testimonies of experiences with Jesus. These letters are submitted for your enjoyment and to witness God working in others.

Jim Hockaday 12-5-11

Jim Hockaday 9-22-11

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