When you were young, did you sneak around to open your Christmas presents before Christmas? All of us are thrilled and excited when we receive a gift. There is an eagerness and anticipation that fills our hearts when we know a gift is on its way. But the greatest gift of all is God’s gift of righteousness and eternal life.

As with all gifts, righteousness and eternal life must be received before they can be effective. Receiving God’s righteousness goes beyond salvation. Although God makes us righteous, many of His children do not understand that truth.

Jesus stated that He was working, living and teaching, not by His own authority, but by the direction and authority of His Father in Heaven. If the very Son of God lived by that direction, why do we think we are able to go off on our own and still live a victorious Christian life?

The answers to the popular question “What would Jesus do?” are found in the pages of Scripture. Fill your life and your mind with the Word of God and allow it to dictate your daily conduct. As you do so, you will find that you are living more and more like Jesus every day.

Paul learned an all important lesson, one we would do well to learn. Why do you think Paul had to ask three times to get a response? Well, first of all, look at how it says Paul pleaded. This shows you what Paul believed about his circumstances. They were more than he could imagine. His mind was unable to conceive of God’s power to deliver him.

Maybe you have felt like this too. You may be overwhelmed right now. Remember what Paul learned—God’s ability was so much bigger and superior to the problem no matter how bad it looked.

America is a culture that values self-reliance. We look up to “self-made” men and women and try to emulate them. And it is true that we should carry our own weight and do what we can. But in the spiritual realm, our best efforts fall short of what is needed. That’s where grace comes in.

God’s grace is a vital part of every aspect of life; not just salvation. You need His grace each day to love your family, perform to the highest standards on the job, show God’s love to those around you, and follow Him with your whole heart.

We’ve already talked about the new nature God places within us when we become part of His family. Now I want you to see two more truths about this nature. First, it is a divine nature—God’s nature—that we have received. Second, we already have all of that nature.

While it is true that we grow as Christ-ians, the essence of our new divine nature is complete at the moment of salvation. You have what you need to live a godly life in every aspect. It is simply a matter of living according to that nature you received as part of God’s gift to you.

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