There is an enormous power in verbally expressing what you believe. Notice Jesus did not instruct us to think about what we want God to do, but rather to declare it for ourselves. It is imperative that we speak what we believe. If we do not, we allow doubt to creep in and destroy our faith.

I have talked to many people who are disappointed that they don’t receive what they pray for from God. Yet, almost without exception, I find that they do not believe in the power of their own words. Don’t let fear hold you back; speak out and claim the miracle you need.

Have you ever felt like your faith was inadequate? If you are born again, you have the Faith of God. Period! What ever you receive from God is abundant, and more than enough. But the context of that statement is worth considering. The proportion of one’s faith is the portion that you use.

You see, the issue is not the size of our faith, for we are the greatest of all God’s creation and can function with God’s faith as He does. Rather, the question is, have you been using your faith lately?

If you saw a grapefruit growing on an apple tree, you would know that something strange was going on. It is not in the nature of an apple tree to produce grapefruits; it produces apples. The new nature that God created in you at the moment of your salvation is a faith nature birthed from a faith God.

When Christians doubt, they are going against the natural process of their new life. The fact that doubt is so commonplace does not make it normal.

Very few things written in the Bible are described as being impossible. When the word “impossible” is used, it is generally in the context of nothing being impossible for God. Yet the writer of Hebrews declares that it is impossible to please God unless we are living by faith.

The basis of our faith is the work of redemption and the divine nature that has been imparted unto our born-again human spirit. This makes us faith people called “believers.”

Many Christians are trying to increase their own faith rather than relying on the faith that is a gift of God. Certainly we can develop our faith as we use it effectively. However, God’s faith is given to us through the work of redemption. It stands on its own as the ability of God to believe for anything.

In fact, Paul described God’s faith as unaffected by what anyone else believes. You too can be confident that regardless of what anyone else thinks, your faith can remain strong.

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